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Laura D’Alessandro

Hotel Hospitality With the Pros

Hotel hospitality is unique in its challenges and opportunities. Planning menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night, and all-day room service is a tall order—no pun intended. These experts have got your back.

Restaurants Find Reward in Short-Term Pop-Ups

For James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur Abe Conlon, a three-month pop-up restaurant in another city is a way to test a new market as well as the effects of his absence from his Chicago flagship.

What Full-Service Restaurants Can Learn from Food Halls

Just as much as those market-driving millennials like fast casual, slick branding, sexy Instagrams, and mobile ordering, they also flock to food halls, so much that food halls are popping up in smaller cities after already exploding in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.

Butcher & Banker: A 'Steak-easy' with Architectural Currency

When restaurateur Alex Sgourdos approached consultant Michael Whiteman for advice on whether he should transform an underground bank vault into a restaurant, Whiteman’s answer was an absolute yes.What’s now known as Butcher & Banker was formerly a 1930s bank.

Top 100 Independent Restaurants for 2018

Pastry has captured the hearts of Americans coast to coast, from the cronut in Brooklyn to those cereal- and matcha-dusted churros of Los Angeles. For further proof, look no further than the stories told in the latest installment of the Netflix original series “Chef’s Table” or the continued popularity stateside of “The Great British Baking Show.

Top 100 Independents: Slingin’ Pies

With the love of nostalgia and familiarity on the rise thanks to millennials and Gen Z, these pizza joints are luring in lovers of Italian-American tradition with new, unusual additions.

Top 100 Independents: New Wave

A new wave of leadership is taking hold of the restaurant industry. There’s more kindness, more openness, and more women in leadership roles. These restaurants are riding the new wave to success.

Why Mushrooms are Booming on Restaurant Menus

Mystical, magical and biologically addictive—mushrooms are in demand. The popularity of wild, foraged, and in some cases medicinal mushrooms is on the rise.Online searches for seasonal wild mushrooms have increased drastically over the last three years, according to data from Hitwise.