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Laura D’Alessandro

How Medicinal Cocktails Built a Restaurant’s Buzz

The concept of a medicinal cocktail is nothing new, but the Traditional Chinese Medicine cocktail menu at Tiger Fork in Washington, D.C., goes way beyond the hot toddy. In fact, there’s not a hot toddy in sight.

8 Women Shaking Up the Restaurant Industry

We know the restaurant industry is by and large still run by men, but the women who are leading the charge to make change are powerful and they’re making waves. These eight women are shaping the future of the restaurant business.

Change Is Hard

The past year has been a powerful one for women and minorities in the restaurant business, and it all started with two small words: Me, too. The phrase was coined by a black woman, Tarana Burke—a survivor of sexual assault—in 2006 as a way to help women and girls of color who also survived sexual violence.

Yours Truly: How to Feed an Angry Italian

One look at my last name and you’ll see I have full rights to address the issue at hand—the Twitter account called Italians Mad at Food. And let me tell you, I identify. Mannaggia! (This is my aunt’s favorite Italian expression of curses.

How One Clever Cocktail Promo Drove Traffic

Clever cocktail names and shameless pampering drove crowds to San Francisco’s Rambler bar inside the Hotel Zeppelin in November. While customers were drawn in by mustache-inspired cocktails and spa services for facial hair enthusiasts, the promotions were for a cause.

Business Trends to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

This is the only primer you’ll need to keep the motor humming in 2019—we surveyed the industry to find the biggest business trends and the tiny but very significant details to make this year your restaurant’s best year yet.

2019 Menu Trends: Hot or Not

A coalition of chefs and operators from the American Culinary Federation weigh in on what should pepper your menus in 2019.