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Supporting the Solo Diner

I saw some data recently that suggests solo guests, both for dine-in and carry out, are a large emerging market segment. Why? There’s a lot of speculation based on some societal trends—many people find themselves divorced or waiting longer to get married, most of us are on the run between places to be and need a quick bite, we don’t mind dining alone since our faces are buried in our phones anyway, and as the world becomes more convenient around us we find that dining alone is just easier.

5 Ways Women are Changing the Restaurant Industry

Since mid-2017, women have come into the spotlight as one of the biggest disrupting factors in the restaurant industry—disruption in the sense that they’re completely changing the game. Based on our recent coverage of women to watch in the industry, here are just a few examples of how, some penned by me, others penned by one of our freelancers, Juliet Izon.

How to Fire Up the Kids Menu

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill’s kids menu translates favorites from its adult menu to give kids wholesome, exciting options.

Making Pay-What-You-Can Work for Your Restaurant

One year into business, A Place at the Table in Raleigh, North Carolina, is fielding requests to open more locations in more cities, but general manager Maggie Kane says that’s just not possible.“It doesn’t quite work like that,” she says.

Culinary Creatives

Have chefs always been the resident creatives in restaurants? Since social media happened, they’ve had to make room for another breed of culinary creatives—the digital kind. In this year’s list of Rising Stars, we’re calling them Art + Craft and in today’s business world, you really can’t live without them.

How to Earn a Michelin Star in 11 Months

For Chef Ryan Ratino, the MO seems to be “no sleep ‘til Michelin.” And the MO has paid off. After he opened Bresca in Washington, D.C., the restaurant earned one Michelin star 11 months later.

Yours Truly: 5 Reasons Plant-Based is Trending

Everyone knows by now that plant-based is a trend. At FSR it feels like we’ve examined it from all angles, including how and why. And it’s not just us who think so—after all, we’ve been asking the experts all along.

Yours Truly: The Best Industry Events for Women

I have been recently ecstatic about the release of FSR’s February 2019 issue that’s chock full of features on the restaurant industry’s leading ladies. But when a friend asked me recently for the best industry events to attend for women in the biz, I was stumped.

Pastry and Philanthropy Go Hand in Hand

Women are rising in pastry, says Erika Chan, pastry chef for The Publican, Publican Quality Meats, and Anker in Chicago. “Truly there are just so many talents in the pastry game right now, and we’re seeing more female rising stars than ever,” Chan says.

How Chris Cosentino Went From TV to His Own Restaurants

Imagine the scene—you’re in a bar having a drink preparing for one of the biggest moments of your life: Your first appearance on Iron Chef America. Across the bar you hear someone describing a person who sounds like you—a San Francisco chef who will face off with Mario Batali.