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Erik Bruner-Yang Cements a Legacy with Brothers and Sisters

Erik Bruner-YangBrothers and Sisters | The Line HotelWashington, D.C.Opened December 2017Who made the first move? Sydell Group first approached me as far back as 2012 to gauge my interest. They had a guy that worked for them named Tanner Campbell; to me he was kind of their talent scout, and he was a big fan of Toki Underground and saw potential in me that I hadn’t even seen in myself.

James Beard Winner Andrea Reusing Dishes on The Durham

Andrea ReusingThe Durham | The Durham HotelDurham, North CarolinaOpened October 2015Who made the first move? My partner Craig Spitzer texted a photo of the building to me. It has always been one of my favorites in Durham, and I knew right away that I wanted to learn more about the project.

How Chris Cosentino Crushes it with Hotel Restaurants

Chris CosentinoAcacia House | Las AlcobasSt. Helena, CaliforniaOpened May 2017Jackrabbit | The Duniway HotelPortland, OregonOpened March 2017What was attractive about the idea of a hotel restaurant? In Portland, it was really about being a part of a beautiful hotel remodel.

Editor's Letter: Ordering Up Room Service

What makes a hotel dining experience next-level? I was curious what I’d find while researching this topic for this issue of FSR. While brainstorming, I was reminded of some favorite childhood stories of mine.

Editor's Letter: Fall Fashion is Back in Season

It was hard for me to wrap my head around this letter being about the fall, but alas, those seasons do keep on changing. As a teenager, I always spent this time of year doing one thing: shopping. I’d buy a stack of fashion magazines at Barnes & Noble and pore over each page looking for just the right outfit for back to school.

Winning Plant-Forward Menus

Chefs around the world are putting more plants on the menu, no longer just as inventive sides and inspired small plates—as the main event. Entrees like cauliflower steaks, elegantly sautéed mushrooms, and flavorfully seasoned legumes are leading the way.

Who's Behind the App for Restaurants?

Everyone knows delivery is booming as the millennial segment strives for convenience, ordering dinner through smart phones from the comfort of their own couches with Netflix streaming. For big chains like Dine Brands, Bloomin' Brands, Darden, and Buffalo Wild Wings, delivery is driving strategy and sales.

Editor's Letter: Going Through the Growing Pains

Growing up, one of my few restaurant jobs was hosting at the local Olive Garden. It was brief. Not as brief as the first time I’d tried restaurant work—I spent one evening training as a host at Outback when I was 16 and quickly returned to retail.

Editor's Letter: Finding the Joy in Food

My friends are always saying, “It looks like you’re eating at so many good restaurants.” I’d say it comes with the job, but I was like this before. I’ll say more accurately, it comes with the obsession.

Editor's Letter: Culinary School’s Out for Summer

School conjures different memories for all of us. Time spent in the kitchen for chefs, the classroom for academics, maybe internships or externships for B-Schoolers, and late nights at the college paper for me.

Culinary School: The Next Generation

Blogging, tapping maple trees, fermentation: These are skills yesterday’s culinary grads likely didn’t pick up in school, but today’s are. A shiny new culinary education goes beyond techy and trendy, and at the Culinary Institute of America it goes beyond the traditional associate’s degree into bachelor’s degree territory, too.

5 Ways to Grow Your Culinary Skills Online

No tasting? No problem. Virtual learning is here for the culinary industry, even without smell-o-vision (or whatever the taste equivalent would be.) In the restaurant industry especially, busy professionals don’t have time for classes on campus during the afternoon.

Change the World Like Massimo Bottura

Most Americans know and love the Italian chef Massimo Bottura from his episode of the Netflix original series Chef’s Table. Boturra’s genuine love and passion for the power of food to change the world shines through in the episode and in person.