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Laura Zolman Kirk

4 Questions with Vivian Howard, the Chef Who Puts Community First

You know Vivian Howard as the star of award-winning TV show “A Chef’s Life.” Author of “Deep Run Roots,” and the visionary behind Kinston, North Carolina, restaurant Chef & the Farmer, Howard is as renowned for her philanthropic touch as her cooking prowess.

Redefining Modern American Cuisine with Chef Aaron Cuschieri

Chef Aaron Cuschieri is a midwest “fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas” American, he says, who grew up in Detroit and has lived in Chicago for the past eight years. His culinary career has included fine-dining establishments, as well as experience working with cultural cuisine all-stars like acclaimed Japanese chef Takashi Yagihashi of Tabo Sushi in Chicago and Slurping Turtle in Chicago and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

4 Questions with Local-Food Visionary Dan Barber

Chef Dan Barber’s Pocantico Hills, New York, icon Blue Hill at Stone Barns was just named the world’s 12th best restaurant, and Chef Barber earned Chefs’ Choice Award. Among the pantheon of America’s great culinary minds, Barber holds a spot at the very top.

Top 100 Independents: Farm Foods

Farm-to-table and hyper-local cooking has been on trend for so many years that many in this category don’t see themselves in terms of a movement anymore, but as people making food as food is supposed to be made.

9 Ways Restaurants Can Fight Harassment in the #MeToo World

After the shock and gut-wrenching details of #MeToo story after #MeToo story, the restaurant industry is left asking what it means to have a positive, supportive work environment. How can restaurants and brands move forward, post-#MeToo, to create a better environment in its wake?“I think it’s simple: Listen and be proactive.

Taking a Beverage-Focused Approach to Menu Design

Crisp & Refreshing Whites, Full-Bodied Whites, New World: Medium-to-Full–Bodied Reds, Rosé, Sparkling Wines, and Soft & Aromatic Reds are just a few of the categories on Los Angeles’ Upstairs 2’s menu.