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Laura Zolman Kirk

How to Design Large-Format Menus to Engage Customers

Sharing a dish with the table is nothing new. In fact, it’s as old fashion as dinner at grandma’s. And it’s how people used to eat in restaurants regularly, too. “It is only in the 19th century that dining pivoted to be individually plated dishes,” says Matthew Rudofker, director of culinary operations for Momofuku restaurant group.

A Restaurant's Essential Guide to Winning the Holidays

Staying open the day of a holiday can endear an establishment to the community and create a loyal following. Offering the right mix of traditional and luxury menu items on these special days—and during the holiday season as a whole—can create memories for guests that will last a lifetime, keeping them coming back to the restaurant year after year.

Take Advantage of the Canned Wine and Cocktail Trend

Canned wine and artisan cocktails are having a moment. From a consumer perspective, its a game changer. Single folks don’t have to open a whole bottle; adventurers can take wine and cocktails to the pool, beach, or outdoor party.