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Five Questions with Chef Mark McDonald

Mark McDonald is a familiar face in Orange County, California. The chef and owner at the helm of the award-winning Old Vine Café in Costa Mesa, has expanded and renamed the business after 11 years to open Old Vine Kitchen & Bar.

How Italian Restaurants Can Accommodate Food Allergies

Once every three minutes, a food allergy sends someone to the emergency room, according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reports that eight foods or food groups account for 90 percent of serious allergic reactions in the United States: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

The Most Bizarre Marketing Strategies in Italian Food

Free weddings, baby gender–reveal lasagnas, and breadstick bouquets are all part of a growing trend in unusual restaurant marketing ideas. These promotions are great at grabbing consumer attention, but do they actually translate into better business?Last year, Villa Italian Kitchen introduced the world to pizza bouquets and boutonnieres.

The Italian Import Conquering Upscale Casual

Chains that get their start overseas and grow to expand in the U.S. are few and far between. So when Piola took a chance and opened its first store in the U.S., it was kind of a big deal.Today, the 33-year-old upscale casual Italian pizza concept based in Italy, boasts a dozen U.

Four Female Leaders to Watch

In Italy, International Women’s Day is marked by street vendors selling bright yellow mimosa flowers, which are exchanged between couples and friends. March 8 signals a country-wide celebration of women and their contributions to society.

7 Tips for Winning the Pasta Game

Consumers crave good food, good prices, and convenience. Restaurateurs have been trying for years to make pasta fast-casual eateries take off in the same way pizza and Tex-Mex have. Unfortunately, they’ve been fighting an uphill battle.

Breaking with Tradition

Few cuisines can start a heated debate faster than Italian food. Restaurant review sites are full of comments containing the words “authentic,” or “not authentic.”Some online reviews we’ve seen addressing authenticity in Italian restaurants include:“Not as tasty as calamari at authentic Italian spots.

Nolita Hall Brings Modern Italian Style to San Diego

Walking through the enormous 12-foot doors into the open-format space at Nolita Hall in San Diego, guests are faced with several enticing options. There’s a lounge with televisions, a shuffleboard court, and a U-shaped bar with a 60-foot skylight and custom-built split flap display announcing real-time flight information.

Carrabba’s Banks on Off-Premises Sales and a Robust Loyalty Program

Carrabba’s Italian Grill may not get the same fanfare as the other restaurants under the Bloomin’ Brands umbrella, but this casual Italian chain with 200-plus locations may be suiting up for its moment in the spotlight after a recent quarterly earnings call from its parent company.

Caught in a Restaurant Romance

Every restaurant has a story. Some develop out of a lifelong desire to cook for others, some open to fill a community’s need, and some blossom out of the love of two people. A few restaurants combine all of the above.

Rewriting New York Pizza History

After more than a century and countless articles and books covering the topic, the history of New York pizza is changing.“In 2010, I was writing about the genealogy of pizza families in Chicago, when I decided that it was only fair to include New York’s Gennaro Lombardi pizza history.

5 Ways to Rekindle the Restaurant Romance this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to romance, it’s fair to say the Italians know a thing or due. In fact, Italian eateries accounted for nearly 25 percent of Yelp’s recent list of 100 Most Romantic Restaurants.“A romantic evening is set by details so subtle and well-executed that everything except your companion fades away,” says Valentina Imbrenda, co-owner of Nonna Beppa in New York City.