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Sterling Payment Technologies

How EMV Compliance Changes Tipping

For years now, U.S. restaurant goers have experienced a fairly antiquated tipping process: give the server your card, wait for your receipt, then sign and add a tip, if you feel inclined. With the introduction of EMV payment technology and the 2015 liability shift, there were many concerns that restaurants would have to abandon the traditional payment and tipping process in favor of models that are more common in other EMV environments.

4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale Solution

Owning and running a restaurant is no small task. The day-to-day consists of long hours and hard work. Having a firm grasp on the day-to-day details is the key to business success. It is important for restaurant owners to have a strong insight into all areas—staffing, inventory, customer preferences, menus, promotions, and profits—in order to effectively command their business.