Peggy Carouthers

Everything You Need to Know About the FDA’s Food Labeling Rule

On May 5, the FDA will begin enforcing its new menu labeling rules, which requires that restaurants and other away-from-home food retailers include calorie counts on menus and signage. Though the rules took effect on December 1, 2016 and compliance is already mandatory, the FDA was not permitted to enforce the law until May 5, 2017 so many restaurants have not yet prepared.

What to Do When You Have to Fire an Employee

No one likes to fire employees, but when your team acts inappropriately or doesn’t meet brand standards, it can be a necessity. As a former human resources manager for a national retail chain and manager of the licensed coffee shop in our store, I had to let many people go, and it was never easy.

5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to Better Performance

Before I came to FSR, I was a salesfloor and then human resources manager for a major retailer, and I was also responsible for the management of a national coffee chain. In these roles, my job was to ensure operations were running smoothly, that our employees served our customers, and that everyone in the building was safe.

Female Powerhouse Leads Restaurant Group Across State Lines

PlumpJack Group, a San Francisco-based hospitality company, opened Pendulum, the first newly built restaurant to Colorado’s Vail Village in eight years, in December. In addition, the group also re-opened a Vail favorite, White Bison, which features an updated menu, a new cocktail program, and an interior renovation.

Kathy Anderson Gives Nashville a Taste of Old Hollywood

Nashville’s downtown scene features plenty of lively honky-tonk bars and creative independent restaurants, but according to interior designer Kathy Anderson, there has been one element missing from the vibrant city: a fancy destination where people can go for special nights.