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Bar Management

Banking on Beverage

Red Robin has always had a bar. In fact, the brand started as a tavern near the University of Washington’s campus in the 1940s. But at some point in the 80s or 90s, amid nationwide expansion, the prominence of alcohol was lost in favor of building a more family-friendly environment.

Hard Rock Warms Up to Holiday Cocktails

Nothing complements a festive family get-together like a signature drink, and this year, Hard Rock Cafe is introducing a line of limited-edition cocktails that will get guests ready to raise a glass and make the holidays all the merrier.

Celebrated Cocktails and the Restaurants that Created Them

By the time San Francisco’s legendary Buena Vista Cafe opens its doors at 8 a.m. on weekend mornings, the line extends down the block, visitors chattering side by side as they await entry into the 123-year-old establishment for their taste of the cafe’s world-renowned Irish Coffee.

How to Menu a Beverage Trend

Industry reports can be a double-edged sword: they foretell trends, but can also mislead operators into thinking there are tastes and ingredients they must have on menus. As information floods in, it takes expertise for operators to understand which trends are worthy of consideration and knowhow to properly menu them.

Brewing Winners with Tea and Coffee Cocktails

As the morning daypart lifts off and craft cocktails surge, it was only a matter of time before restaurants and bartenders started putting the essence of the two trends into one glass. Enter tea- and coffee-based cocktails.

Hot Beverages on the Market

Beer & Wine | Spirits & Craft Soda | Coffee + Tea & Juice +WaterSnapshot WheatBeerNew Belgium Brewing/ 2014 / 5% ABVThe wheat was added to New Belgium’s full-time lineup this year, and it’s a winner.

The Pursuit of Hoppyness

Inspired by their travels in Europe, brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin opened Portland, Oregon’s Barley Mill Pub in 1983. In the era of Coors and Budweiser on tap, the brothers dreamed of offering more variety, including house-brewed options.

App Thinks Like a Sommelier and Shapes Wine Lists

Roger Theunissen recalls going out to business dinners with colleagues, bankers, and the like, and never knowing which wine to order."It was a frustration," says Theunissen, a software developer and CEO and founder of WineStein, an artificially intelligent sommelier app.

Role Models

Three o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and I’m in a mall-based California Pizza Kitchen.At this hour, servers and staff far outnumber diners in the restaurant. I order a flatbread snack and my husband orders a club sandwich—add cheese, scratch the avocado.

A Toast to Excellence

ExpatriateEditor’s choice for best cocktail bar experience in a one-year-old concept.Portland, Oregon Duke Ellington, ’60s British rock, or something more contemporary? Kyle Linden Webster, owner and creator of Expatriate, makes those choices every night as he spontaneously selects LPs to queue on the turntable.

Holiday Dining Habits

John Halter understands the intense competition that exists for holiday diners, which is why Halter, the owner of Tortilla Republic—a modern Mexican eatery with two Southern California locations and another in Kauai, Hawaii—devotes extensive planning to marketing, service, and operational initiatives aimed at appeasing diners during the calendar’s final two months.

Passing the Bar

Typical bartender schools aren’t very thorough or well-respected. In fact, driven by the craft cocktail renaissance, some bar managers claim they won’t hire graduates of bartending schools, as this training is nearly always for high-volume bars that use soda guns and outdated recipes.

Current Trends in Glassware: Adding Class with Glass

One of the hottest trends to hit drinkware in recent years was the Mason jar, a popular vehicle for all types of beverages, from iced tea to bourbon, and across all geographic regions. The Mason jar trend might have sprung to life in Southern cafes and summer picnics, but restaurants from New York to California embraced it as a trendy pitcher for individual libations.

Spring Training Preps Cocktail Servers

It’s a balmy Friday in April as the sun coats Cary, North Carolina, with warm rays and a golden gleam. On the outdoor patio of The Umstead Hotel and Spa, about 15 minutes from downtown Raleigh, couples sip full-bodied red wine or partake in the afternoon tea service.