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Bar Management

Summer Reds

Convention suggests one ought to uncork only crisp white wines between Memorial Day and Labor Day, in part to cope with humid outdoor temperatures.Yet a savvy wine drinker knows this does not always hold true.

European-style Stella Artois Cidre is Coming to the U.S.

Stella Artois, the best-selling Belgian beer in the world, is introducing Stella Artois Cidre to the surging U.S. cider market.Stella Artois Cidre is a crisp, distinctive European-style cider made with apples hand-picked from wine-growing regions.

Tapping into Craft Beer

Even if you’ve never been to Rhodes North Tavern in Sloatsburg, New York, you probably know a place like it: a bustling local restaurant and bar that serves a hodgepodge of well-made comfort foods and has live music on the weekends.

Napa Valley's Solage Calistoga Announces Scott Turnbull as New Sommelier

Solage Calistoga is pleased to announce Scott Turnbull has joined the Solbar team in the role of sommelier and beverage manager. In his new role, Turnbull will work alongside executive chef Brandon Sharp at Solbar, a four-time Michelin-starred restaurant that serves seasonally-inspired California soul food.

Does Your Bar Have a Star?

If a drink menu is out-of-date or overly-simplistic and the bartenders can’t speak intelligently about the cocktails, I know two things about a restaurant: That there is no lead bartender in place, and that I’ll be ordering a beer.

Crafting the Future of Draft

Today’s craft beer drinkers have some characteristics that should definitely interest you. They are increasing in number; they are young (more than half are in the 21–44-year-old bracket); more than three-quarters of them earn more than $50,000 a year; and almost half have a college degree.

Taking Control of Bar Shrink

“Bar shrink,” an industry term for losing revenue on liquid assets due to bad practices—either inadvertent or deliberate—has been a perennial problem for restaurant operators.“The bar business is a cash business.

Liquor Laws are Utah’s Achilles’ Heel

On one hand, Utah presents like the proverbial promise land for enterprising restaurant operations. Surging population figures, a deep labor force, and the National Restaurant Association’s forecast of a 4.

Classy Cocktails Get Creative

If a cocktail looks like a ’60s lava lamp, can it be described as upscale? It can at Manhattan’s wd~50, a renowned mecca of molecular gastronomy, where bar manager Kevin Denton cleverly uses flavored oils to add interesting mouthfeel, emulsify ingredients, and deliver a one-two-three punch of flavor to his spirited creations.

VooDoo BBQ & Grill Opens on the Westbank in New Orleans

A brand new VooDoo BBQ and Grill is opening soon on the Westbank in New Orleans. The award-winning New Orleans-style BBQ restaurant’s new location will open in Harvey at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard in the Fountain Park Center in early February.

Minding Your Guests’ Manners

While keeping customers happy is a perpetual challenge in the restaurant industry, some operators have learned that success may come from making a few guests unhappy.Operators who pride themselves on hospitality advise establishing clear rules on guest behavior and empowering staff to enforce them.

Bugaboo Creek Stakes Its Revival

Having endured four months in bankruptcy, Bugaboo Creek Steak House is back with new ownership, new food, décor and marketing.Christopher Campbell took over as president in April 2011, and is now ready to let consumers know that the chain’s 13 locations—known as lodges—are not only open for business, but for better business.

Fruity Cocktails

What’s InsideGiving guests popFresh food and drinksFruity eye appealInfusion DrinksA special twist on fruity drinksSeasonal foods will be splashed across menus in abundance for the next six months, but what about beverages?Restaurants are now putting them in their drinks, bringing fresh, exciting flavors, unusual combinations, and even a little nutrition to their guests.