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Melissa Carroll to Oversee Beverage Program at Fisk & Co.

Fisk & Co. introduced Lead Bartender Melissa Carroll, who will oversee the beverage program at the new American mussel + beer bar opening this April in the Chicago Loop. Melissa is focused on a thoughtfully curated beer, wine and craft cocktail program to complement the restaurant’s Belgian-inspired cuisine and upscale yet approachable atmosphere.

Inside the Luxurious Rise of Chocolate Cocktails

America loves cocktails, and it loves chocolate. So, with both products experiencing growth, why not put them together? The result has been an evolution of chocolate martinis, chocolate Manhattans, and numerous cocktails featuring products that range from chocolate-infused spirits and chocolate liqueurs to chocolate nibs and Oreo cookies.

40 Under 40: Restaurant Stars on the Rise

Chefs, owners, bartenders—some barely in their 30s—fill this year’s list of Rising Stars, the folks to watch in 2018. This list shows stars can be born anywhere, in as expected a place as under the tutelage of Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin or, quite the opposite, washing dishes in a family restaurant or taking a job bussing tables just to break into the industry.


Forrest Clonts for

Pairing Cocktails with Food: Everything You Need to Know

Pairing food with alcohol has a long tradition, but it’s usually mentioned when combining wine with a meal. Increasingly, however, other hard beverages like spirits are being considered for matches. As mixologists become ever more innovative, the idea of putting together cocktails that go well with the chef’s creations is intoxicating.


Urban Village brewing Co.

How Philly Brewer Dave Goldman is Building a Craft Empire

When Dave Goldman finds something he’s passionate about, his first instinct is to run with it. Take his career in the foodservice industry. After starting out at a high-end grocery store at the ripe age of 11, Goldman went on to work in pizza shops, major in hotel and restaurant management at the University of Delaware, and become a partner at Italian Bistro, a concept with a smattering of locations across the Philadelphia area—all before graduating from college.

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Beverage Menu

When Cowlaboration #8 dropped last December, Luke Shimp could only smile.The owner of Red Cow, a four-unit, Minneapolis-based chain, Shimp knew the company’s latest collaboration with a local brewery—a ruby-red cranberry sour developed with nearby Indeed Brewing Company—represented the continuation of an innovative endeavor that has propelled Red Cow’s marketplace standing and performance.

Ezra Rosenberg Joins Roofers Union and Jug & Table as Wine Director

Roofers Union and sister wine bar Jug & Table announced the appointment of Ezra Rosenberg, an experienced D.C. hospitality professional, as Wine Director of the two Adams Morgan restaurants. In the coming months, guests can expect Rosenberg to continue expanding the presence of local selections in the wine programs, as well as fine-tune food and beverage pairings at Jug & Table.

Bringing Some Heat with Cocktails

There’s a lot more to hot cocktails than toddies.As mixologists become ever more creative, and customers seek more experiences, beverages that employ heat—not just temperature, but also spiciness and smokiness—are becoming more numerous.



How Female Bartenders are Shaking Up the Cocktail World

Every year, a slew of bartenders from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. partake in the much-buzzed, all-female competition, Speed Rack. The purpose of the suspenseful, fast-paced event that was founded by New York bartenders Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero is twofold: to shine a light on the talented women working behind America’s bars and to raise funds for breast cancer research, prevention, and education.

Flor de Caña Named Global Rum Producer of the Year

Flor de Caña, a premium rum brand from Nicaragua, was named Global Rum Producer of the Year by the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London. The IWSC is the most respected organization focused on awarding excellence to spirits worldwide, with over 400 global experts judging products from more than 90 countries.


Maker's Mark / Star Hill Provisions

Inside the Rise of Cold-Brew Cocktails

One of my favorite New York City hangouts is the petite Amor y Amargo in the East Village, where bracing libations starring herbaceous bitters are the house specialty. Several years ago, the bar introduced its ambitious Double Buzz series, whipping up cocktails on Sunday afternoons made with single-origin coffees from a rotating cast of craft roasters.