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Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant Releases Rising Sun IPA

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant announced the release of Rising Sun IPA made with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops to create a spicy citrus flavor profile with the perfect kick of American hops. Rising Sun IPA is sure to bring out your inner ninja with a fresh kick of hops and a punch of flavor.

Bull Durham Beer Co. Sold to R&D Brewing

R&D Brewing Company has purchased Bull Durham Beer Co., the first brewery in America to operate in a Minor League baseball stadium.Founded in 2015 by Capitol Broadcasting Company, Bull Durham Beer is brewed at the home ballpark of The Durham Bulls.

Take Advantage of the Low-ABV trend with Beer Cocktails

People aren’t drinking fewer alcoholic beverages in the U.S., but they are drinking less alcohol. Low- to no-alcohol cocktails are becoming regular bar menu additions, and session beer—beer that’s generally 5 percent alcohol-by-volume or less—has risen sharply in popularity over the past few years.

Southerleigh Brewing Co. Opening Brewery in San Antonio

Southerleigh Brewing Co. announced a new brewery coming to San Antonio, which will be located at Brooks on the Southeast side of San Antonio. The popular eatery and brewery will continue to brew from its Pearl location, with this second location at Brooks allowing for even more beer production.

Independence Brewing Introduces German Chocolate Cake Stout at Alamo Drafthouse

Independence Brewing Co. and Alamo Drafthouse announced the 2018 edition of a holiday beer that has become a seasonal favorite among Alamo Drafthouse patrons—a yearly release called End Credits.“This evolving series of limited-release holiday beers from Independence has become an annual end of year cinematic tradition for Alamo Drafthouse,” says John Gross, Alamo Drafthouse’s Director of National Beer Promotions.

Balance Your Beer List Like a Pro

Customers want craft beer. About 40 percent of the of-age population are now craft beer drinkers, according to the Brewers Association. About 5 million new craft drinkers are added to that population each year.

Buffalo Wild Wings Unveils Legends of Craft Beer Brew Series

The next installment of the B-Dubs Brew Series at Buffalo Wild Wings is all about the Legends of Craft Beer. The beverage promotion features unique variations of Golden Ale style beer created by three of the most successful craft breweries in the country—New Belgium, Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada.

The Best Way to Win on Game Day in Your Restaurant

Fans and students in college towns across the country can’t wait for Saturdays during football season. College students and fans flock to bars and restaurants to root for their team and have a good time, leaving restaurants with an opportunity to capitalize on the spike in customers.

Restaurants Explore the Benefits of Crafting Their Own Beer

Beer is on the rise, and restaurants are taking note. Not only are chains like Uno Pizzeria & Grill betting big by boosting craft beer programs, but many establishments like Tribute Pizza in San Diego and Manresa in Los Gatos, California, are also collaborating with local breweries to create exclusive house beers.

Expanding Growler USA Elevates the Craft Concept

Growler USA, as the name suggests, has the beer part covered. Yet even in an industry as compelling as craft beer, you could argue the concept had it too covered. As in the suds-focused name soaked the rest of its features, including the basic fact Growler USA is a full-service restaurant.

New Realm’s Beer Garden Opens in Atlanta

New Realm’s anticipated Beltline-adjacent beer garden is now open, offering 85 additional seats for outdoor casual entertainment. Atlantans can now literally step off of the Beltline’s east side trail and sip on a craft beer with friends while they watch the hustle and bustle of the busy Beltline pass by.

Magnolia Brewing Company Opens Magnolia Dogpatch

Magnolia Brewing Company announced that its newest location, Magnolia Dogpatch, is now open. Formerly Smokestack, the redesigned industrial space features a full-service restaurant, brewery, beer garden, and, later, a 5,000-square-foot event space.

Go Ahead, Get Funky with your Beer Selection

Sours are funky beers that have been brewed with wild yeast and bacteria, raising the beer’s acidity level. Fruit is sometimes added to create a secondary fermentation or to introduce microbes. Traditionally, all beer has been somewhat sour due to brewing techniques involving porous barrels and open-air fermentation that allowed wild yeast and bacteria to permeate.