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Yours Truly: The Best Industry Events for Women

I have been recently ecstatic about the release of FSR’s February 2019 issue that’s chock full of features on the restaurant industry’s leading ladies. But when a friend asked me recently for the best industry events to attend for women in the biz, I was stumped.

Yours Truly: How to Feed an Angry Italian

One look at my last name and you’ll see I have full rights to address the issue at hand—the Twitter account called Italians Mad at Food. And let me tell you, I identify. Mannaggia! (This is my aunt’s favorite Italian expression of curses.

Yours Truly: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Many mythological creatures tell us that two heads, or more, are better than one. Janus of Roman mythology could look both forward and backward with two faces. In the business world, and an eye toward the future and a reverence for lessons of the past create a balance for healthy success.

Editor's Letter: Starring Dominique Crenn

The Michelin Guide began, as you’ll read in our feature, at the turn of the 20th century. It’s true that at that time most restaurant kitchens were led by men, but in this day and age, a growing number are led by women.

Yours Truly: I Eat From the Chipotle Lifestyle Menu

On January 1 I embarked on my fourth Whole 30—thirty days in which I will consume no grains, beans, processed foods, added sugar, or alcohol. But it was different this time. I had back-up. My boyfriend was joining me in solidarity, and two best friends as well.

Yours Truly: Does Work-Life Balance Exist?

Lately, I’ve heard repeatedly from folks in all walks of restaurant industry life that balance when it comes to work and play simply does not exist. But in this day in age, and in the wellness-infused culture we’re living in, I have to wonder if this is really true.

Yours Truly: It's Cool to Fail, If You Own It

I was chatting with chef Chris Cosentino recently and he said, “Failure is not an option.” We were talking about how, as a young executive chef, it felt perhaps easier to fail, as opposed to how he feels in his position now as a chef and owner, not to mention husband and father.

Yours Truly: Authenticity For Restaurant Brands

In the December issue I introduced our 2019 Buyer’s Guide with a letter titled Tried, True, and Trendy. All the conversations that went on behind the scenes of that 57-item, 25-page guide demonstrated two things of importance to me.

Editor's Letter: Tried, True, and Trendy

The holiday season has always wooed me. Glitz, glamour, gifts, giddiness—December has it all. Just check out the scene at a Miracle pop-up bar, decked out to the nines with the most holiday spirit you’ve ever seen.

Editor's Letter: Making the Move

When I considered moving from sunny Southern California to the Triangle region of North Carolina this time last year, I did the first thing I do before I travel anywhere: I checked out the restaurant scene … on Instagram.

Editor's Letter: Ordering Up Room Service

What makes a hotel dining experience next-level? I was curious what I’d find while researching this topic for this issue of FSR. While brainstorming, I was reminded of some favorite childhood stories of mine.

Editor's Letter: Fall Fashion is Back in Season

It was hard for me to wrap my head around this letter being about the fall, but alas, those seasons do keep on changing. As a teenager, I always spent this time of year doing one thing: shopping. I’d buy a stack of fashion magazines at Barnes & Noble and pore over each page looking for just the right outfit for back to school.

Editor's Letter: Going Through the Growing Pains

Growing up, one of my few restaurant jobs was hosting at the local Olive Garden. It was brief. Not as brief as the first time I’d tried restaurant work—I spent one evening training as a host at Outback when I was 16 and quickly returned to retail.

Editor's Letter: Finding the Joy in Food

My friends are always saying, “It looks like you’re eating at so many good restaurants.” I’d say it comes with the job, but I was like this before. I’ll say more accurately, it comes with the obsession.