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What Dominique Crenn Taught Me About the Future of Food

When Chef Dominique Crenn scheduled time for the cover photo shoot and to talk with me, I let out a squeal of delight. (I get excited about every conversation with a chef, but you can ask my office pals—a squeal is a step beyond.

The 5 Most Outlandish Drinks in North America

For many in the restaurant biz, summertime means open patios, extended hours, out-of-town visitors, lighter menu items, and extra cool libations. Menu innovators seem especially smitten by that last one.

What if All Restaurants Committed to Meatless Monday?

For several weeks I’ve had a preview copy of The Reducetarian Solution on my desk. More importantly, I’ve had the book’s topic—“How the surprisingly simple act of reducing the amount of meat in your diet can transform your health and the planet”—on my mind.

10 Surprising Pork Facts from the Experts

The National Pork Board’s Pork Summit 2017 at The Culinary Institute of America’s St. Helena campus was an opportunity for some of the industry’s pork-loving luminaries to gather and discuss the future of the pig.

Going on a Dinner Date Isn’t What it Used to Be

Chivalry is dead. If there’s a more ridiculous statement out there please let me know. Being, in my case, a very old millennial doesn’t mean letting the door slam on your date. It’s not honking the car horn instead of opening the door.

5 Hyper-Local Beers You Need to Be Drinking

Sourcing local ingredients, and even foraging, has become the norm for restaurants across the country.Whereas a list of local ingredient sources used to always grace menus to let customers know where the food came from, now some restaurants don’t bother taking up space with all the farm names.

15 Austin Restaurants That Could Be The Next Big Thing

Because covering the national foodservice industry requires plenty of national travel, I've found myself in some pretty far-flung food destinations across the country, from Idaho's potato fields to Iowa's amber waves of grain, and from Maine's lobster boats to the fishing docks of Alaska's Aleutian Islands (and seemingly every major city in between).

What to Do When You Have to Fire an Employee

No one likes to fire employees, but when your team acts inappropriately or doesn’t meet brand standards, it can be a necessity. As a former human resources manager for a national retail chain and manager of the licensed coffee shop in our store, I had to let many people go, and it was never easy.

5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to Better Performance

Before I came to FSR, I was a salesfloor and then human resources manager for a major retailer, and I was also responsible for the management of a national coffee chain. In these roles, my job was to ensure operations were running smoothly, that our employees served our customers, and that everyone in the building was safe.

7 Places Health Fanatics Need to Try in Atlanta

Every time I go to Atlanta, I can’t help but think it’s a baby Los Angeles. Terrible traffic—even Sunday mornings—sprawling layout with no discernible center, and strip malls galore. The differences (yes, there are many) don’t quite work in Atlanta’s favor: LA has the beach, heavenly weather, and one of the most health-forward food scenes in the world.

The 5 Best Barbecue Places I've Ever Visited

When I was in high school, our refrigerator stopped working. Since my mother never really cooked, we saw no reason to replace it. We put drinks on the windowsill to cool down. I sipped tap water from pickle jars and ate on the couch with a towel across my lap.

American Cuisine Can Help Showcase Our Diversity

Where government leaders fail, perhaps chefs will succeed.I think this partly because of something Esther Choi said when we talked for our cover story: “I truly believe,” the chef/owner of m˘okbar told me, “that food is the first element that brings people to be interested in any culture … You fall in love with a cuisine and it opens the door to other aspects of the culture.

A Pork Crawl Through Los Angeles

The moronga, or pork blood sausage, arrived in a tray covered with plastic wrap as we rode in a bus down a Los Angeles highway.I chose one of the massive dark rings off the tray and took a bite, washing it down with a guava Jarritos soda and a bite of tamale all from the plate that was the paper towel on my lap.