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Show Of Shows: NRA 2012.jpg

National Restaurant Association

Show Of Shows: NRA 2012

Every May, horse lovers find their way to Louisville for The Kentucky Derby while restaurateurs have a different destination in mind—the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago.

Burgers Meet Sushi

Toss together sushi and burgers, season, and pour into a greased pan.What do you get? A crazy idea; a silly concept; a highly successful restaurant? All of these in fact and the result is The Cowfish, a sushi and burger bar in Charlotte, North Carolina.


National Restaurant Association

Dawn Sweeney Gets Industry Back On Track

As soon as Dawn Sweeney joined the National Restaurant Association as president and CEO in October 2007, she was thrown into the fire and had to figure a way out.That fire was, of course, the recession.