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Burke & Wills Names Ryan Turner Executive Chef

Burke & Wills, the Upper West Side staple known for its modern American cuisine with Australian influences, announced new Executive Chef Ryan Turner. Originally from Portland, Turner learned his craft in LA as sous chef under locavore innovator Kyle Schutte at Vu Restaurant in Marina del Rey.

Chef Kevin Malone Takes the Reins at Crossings South Pasadena

After much success of being a Sous Chef at both Mattei's Taven in Los Olivos and gargantua, a pop-up in LA, Kevin Malone, decided to expand his expertise of focusing on hyper-local and seasonal menu items and apply them to a new endeavor, Crossings South Pasadena.

How Yana Gilbuena is Hacking the Restaurant Business

Yana Gilbeuna might pop into your town for a week or so sometime soon. She calls it crashing. It’s like couch-surfing, but for chefs. The 34-year-old chef packs light, but her cooking packs a punch. The SALO Series pop-ups create a meal unlike any other.

Life After Top Chef: Catching Up with 5 Former Contestants

Bravo! TV’s hit show “Top Chef” has had an enormous effect on the way food, cooking, and chefs are perceived in both the public and the restaurant industry. Much like the Food Network “glamorized” food and cooking, “Top Chef” has glamorized the life of a chef and helped turn dozens of professionals into nationwide celebrity chefs.

'Top Chef' Taught Chef Kevin Gillespie How to Trust His Instincts

As a “Top Chef” contestant, Kevin Gillespie became known for his red beard (now the inspiration for his restaurant group name), warm personality, and all-around likeability. He placed third in the show’s sixth season (losing to Michael Voltaggio), but no matter; he has since opened popular restaurants Gunshow in Atlanta and Revival in Decatur, Georgia.

John Tesar: 'Top Chef' Made Me a Better Person

Tesar rebounded from an early cut in Season 10 to place in the top three of “Top Chef” Season 14, which aired last year. He was portrayed in a much more subdued light the second time around; in his first season, Tesar was known for fiery rants and in-fighting.

The Joys and Trials of Being a Restaurant Owner

Since she was 17, Dana Tanner has been working in restaurants, a span of two decades. And since 2014, she’s been working in her dream job. She’s making less money than she did previously, but she’s happier.