Chef Profiles

Alizé at the Top of Palms Casino Resort Appoints New Chef

Alizé at the Top of Palms Casino Resort has a new master of the kitchen: Executive Chef Chris Bulen. He brings 11 years of experience to his new position. He has extensive experience with the Michelin Star award-winning restaurants of Chef André Rochat where he has fine-tuned the blending of traditional French techniques with contemporary twists.

The Hybrid Model of Success

The lines between restaurant categories used to be distinct; customers could choose among quick-service, casual-dining, and fine-dining restaurants with clear expectations for what each experience might hold.

A Day in the Life of a Corporate Chef

When Claire Menck began her latest job two years ago, she felt as if someone had lifted a heavy weight from her shoulders. Suddenly, she was in the kitchen again, developing, mixing, tweaking, tasting—using her creative muscles and doing what she loves to do.

Japanese Government Certifies CIA Students in Mastery of its Cuisine

Following the successful completion of the Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine course on December 13, nine students at The Culinary Institute of America became the first American recipients of the Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries.

The Man Behind NYC's $10M Kosher Steakhouse

At 30 years old, Albert Allaham could already trade in his apron for a comfy seat in some corporate office. The head of Reserve Cut, a New York City steakhouse with projected sales of $10 million in 2016, Allaham has watched his restaurant’s profile skyrocket since opening in Manhattan’s Financial District three years ago.

Vegan Comes in Vogue

As the trend to reduce meat consumption gains traction with more consumers, chefs are focusing on plant-based dishes and menus that cater to vegetarian preferences. In some rare cases, the chefs have taken it a step further, eliminating all animal products, including dairy as well as the obvious proteins, to offer service as a vegan-friendly restaurant.

8 Questions with Legendary Chef Jérôme Bocuse

Mentorship is an essential part of any successful career, but especially for young chefs. This is why Chef Jérôme Bocuse, son of the famed Paul Bocuse, the founder of the Bocuse d’Or global culinary competition, has served as executive vice president of the board of directors at ment’or and is now the president of the Bocuse d’Or.

Acclaimed Chef Curtis Duffy Inducted into Escoffier Hall of Fame

Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, a leading provider of world-class culinary education, announced the newest additions to its Disciples d’Escoffier; a prestigious global society focused on the promotion and preservation of excellence in cuisine, culinary education, wine culture, spirits and hospitality.

Chef Ben Grupe Leads USA Culinary Team to Gold in Germany

This year marks an exciting year for Chef Ben Grupe of St. Louis restaurants Elaia and Olio, who as Team Captain, lead the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Culinary National Team USA to rank fourth in the world overall and take home three gold medals in the 24th Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA) International Culinary Exhibition, known as the “Culinary Olympics.

Organic Trailblazer Nora Pouillon Reflects on Her Legacy

Part of what excites Nora Pouillon about the future is the uncertainty. She has helmed her eponymous Washington, D.C., restaurant for so long that one employee, who swam across the Rio Grande when he was 17, is now approaching middle age.