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John Tesar: 'Top Chef' Made Me a Better Person

Tesar rebounded from an early cut in Season 10 to place in the top three of “Top Chef” Season 14, which aired last year. He was portrayed in a much more subdued light the second time around; in his first season, Tesar was known for fiery rants and in-fighting.

The Joys and Trials of Being a Restaurant Owner

Since she was 17, Dana Tanner has been working in restaurants, a span of two decades. And since 2014, she’s been working in her dream job. She’s making less money than she did previously, but she’s happier.

Heather Terhune Learned How to Take Risks from 'Top Chef'

After going head-to-head on “Top Chef” with six other chefs from Chicago when she was the executive chef of Sable Kitchen & Bar, Terhune came home to a much busier restaurant than before.READ MORE: Catching up with five former "Top Chef" contestants.

How 'Top Chef' Helped Spike Mendelsohn Launch His Empire

As one of the earlier “Top Chef” contestants, Mendelsohn instantly became a fan favorite and recognizable by his many stylish hats. He has since made several other TV appearances with Bravo! and other networks while opening multiple fast-casual restaurants in Washington, D.

Legendary French Chef Paul Bocuse Dies at 91

Paul Bocuse, the legendary French chef who helped champion “nouvelle” cuisine, although he distanced himself from it later in life, died Saturday at the age of 91. Bocuse’s family announced his death in a statement, saying that “Our ‘Captain’” passed away on January 20, at the dawn of his 92nd birthday.

A Colorado Chef Redefines the Farm-to-Table Mantra

Remember the whole farm-to-table mania? It hit its fever pitch a few years ago—and continues to rage on—but the trend had its origins in a lot of different places.One of those places was Boulder, Colorado, where sourcing local meat, produce, and other foods really began to take off in the late 2000s.

These Chefs are Spinning Comfort Classics Into Modern Hits

With a single bite, comfort foods bring back warm memories of dishes from our childhoods. This transportable quality is still reflected in full-service restaurants, but with a modern twist that fits the more sophisticated palates of modern-day diners.

The Big Bad Chef Preps for National Domination

Chef John Currence wants locals to feel like rock stars and rock stars to feel like locals.The James Beard award–winning chef doesn’t design menus for himself; he designs menus that are equalizers, satisfying anyone who might come in the doors.

Chef Dino Santonicola Named a Trustee by Vera Pizza Napoletana Americas

Dino Santonicola, Executive Chef and Master Pizzaiolo at Cane Rosso, was officially named a Trustee by the VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) Americas, the official delegation for the United States. There are only two other Trustees in the whole of the country with this designation, and Santonicola will be in charge of the South.

Paul Martin’s American Grill Names Russell Skall Director of Culinary

Paul Martin’s American Grill, the neighborhood restaurant offering classic American fare in a sophisticated and convivial setting, announced the addition of Russell Skall as Director of Culinary. Skall previously served as Executive Chef at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar for the past 17 years.

Chef Mike Randolph Talks Latest St. Louis Restaurant

Chef Mike Randolph has established himself as one of the leaders of St. Louis’s booming restaurant scene. But while his two biggest hits, Público and Half & Half, are more casual, his latest venture finds Randolph returning to one of his first loves as a chef: fine-dining tasting menus.