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“Rock Star” Chef Goldman Returns to Kitchen

In the 1970s, young up-and-coming New York City chefs Anthony Bourdain and Sam Goldman saw the future. They knew top chefs were the next celebrities and set about New York as if they already were ones, forming the culinary "rock star" group Kitchen Confidential, later the title of Bourdain's best-selling book.

Family Dollar Enlists Celeb Chef Melissa d’Arabian

Family Dollar, one of the fastest-growing discount retail chains in the United States, is encouraging families to celebrate food, festivity, and frugality this season with the first-ever Dollar Dinner for the Holidays Contest, launched this month.

James Beard Foundation Invites Chef Landet to Joyeux Noël

Master chef of France and current executive chef of the Cercle Rouge in New York, Pierre Landet, will oversee the James Beard Foundation’s Event, Joyeux Noël.  Chef Landet’s love for the culinary life began with his native Toulousain cuisine.

Chef Howie Shares Tales in New Book

John Howie, a man known as much for his spirit of generosity as his award winning fare, shares recipes from his restaurants and for life in his new book, to be released on November 30th.Passion and Palate: Recipes for a Generous Table reflects a collection of over 240 recipes and numerous stories gathered over Howie’s lifetime.

Ginza Restaurants Symbolize American Dream

Ten years ago, three brothers from China took a big chance, investing nearly all of their money to open a restaurant in Connecticut. The Chen brothers had a dream of sharing with Americans the authentic taste and traditions of their cuisine.

Chef Willix’s Latitude Opens in Atlanta

Lauded Atlanta chef Micah Willix is pleased to announce his new restaurant concept, Latitude Food and Drink, opened at Phipps Plaza Nov. 11. A veteran of Atlanta’s culinary scene and former chef at Ecco, Willix brings his focused, ingredient-driven acumen to Latitude.

Hot Beverages To Fire Up Sales

Restaurants can make money at both ends of the meal by serving hot drinks as bookends to the food.Hot cocktails can set the stage for a good meal, while Irish coffee, tea and cocktails can be the perfect end.

Cuban Food Revolution Hits D.C.

In Cuba, a food revolution is taking place. Old world recipes combine with modern ones to create dishes such as black bean and white rice ice cream.Guillermo Pernot, chef/partner at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar in Washington, D.

Chef Emeril Lagasse Opens New Restaurant

Chef Emeril Lagasse unveiled plans today for 'e2 Emeril's Eatery' at Levine Center for the Arts. Scheduled to open early next year, the new restaurant at 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts, Ste.

Food Stands Roll Into Times Square

The food truck craze has officially parked in one of the world’s most popular plazas: Times Square.“Every great public place in the world, every great plaza, tends to have some kind of food option in it,” says Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance.

D.C. Restaurants Unveil Thanksgiving Menus

Restaurants throughout the nation’s capital are giving dinners plenty of reasons to give thanks this holiday season by offering a cornucopia of culinary offerings to make Thanksgiving memorable. Many are offering either stress-free to-go options or the chance to celebrate the holiday in an elegant dining room.

Gamble Pays Off for Celeb Chefs

Four-star chefs who take their show on the road–or on a cruise ship, casino, or museum–are proving to create a compelling job pairing.Celebrity chefs are no longer confined to restaurant walls.

Parties Are Big Business

In 1989, Marc Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Café in Boston, jumped into catering as a competitive play against major chains. He developed a catering menu, gathered a sales team, added delivery staff, and invested in a separate kitchen.

Hot Appetizers

At a time when consumers are ever cautious about their restaurant spending, full-service operators have found their best chance to get customers to try a new dish is by menuing it as an appetizer. In many cases the appetizers are shared, which gives chefs even more opportunity to flex their creativity muscles and put out new and innovative offerings.

Thanksgiving Menu in Pheonix

For Thanksgiving Day, Valley chef Charles Wade Schwerd and Arrowhead Grill are cooking up a Thanksgiving dinner Phoenix residents will love, with Thanksgiving recipes and non-traditional alternatives sure to please.