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Employee Management

Making Preventive Care as Common as Mise en Place

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.How long were you in the restaurant industry before pivoting to mental health? I’ve worked in restaurants since I was 17—from bussing tables to serving when I turned 21, then finally bartending in 2010.

Ron Hinson Celebrates 40 Years with S&D Coffee & Tea

S&D Coffee & Tea’s Ron Hinson, president & CEO, recently celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company. From his start as a sales representative in Asheville, North Carolina, Hinson’s unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction helped transform S&D’s internal culture to one dedicated to quality and consistency.

Bloomin' Vet Dan Holm Named CMO at Tom's Urban

Tom's Urban announced it has bolstered its leadership team by adding two crucial roles to help increase the brand’s visibility and drive the brand’s growth plan. The company appointed Dan Holm to chief marketing officer and Liz Conn to director of event sales at Tom’s Urban NYNY Casino Las Vegas.

3 Ways to Keep Restaurant Employees on Your Team

Of all the challenges faced by operators, interviewing and hiring new employees is one of the biggest headaches. In 2017, TDn2K’s People Report showed voluntary turnover across the restaurant industry had reached 70 percent—a 10-year high—and Italian brands have been no exception.

Texas Roadhouse and Rising Labor Costs Square Off

Texas Roadhouse’s top-line sales and traffic remain enviable by industry standards. But there’s no question the labor war, especially at the hourly level, is taking its toll. The mounting issue showed up in force during the first quarter of fiscal 2019, announced Monday afternoon.

Community Comes First at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

When Snooze, an A.M. Eatery opens in a new market, CEO David Birzon wants the restaurant to become a part of the community’s fabric instead of just another breakfast chain. The biggest endorsement the brand receives, he says, is when guests realize it’s actually part of a bigger brand.

What is Rising Minimum Wage Doing to Restaurants?

In 2018, economists from Miami and Trinity Universities used Congressional Budget Office methodology to measure the effect a $15 federal minimum wage might have on the workforce. They found, if implemented in 2020, it would reduce employment by roughly two million jobs.

Growing First Watch Bolsters Leadership Team

First Watch announced that it has appointed three new senior leaders to its growing leadership team: Matthew Eisenacher, senior vice president of brand strategy and innovation; Rob Conti, senior vice president of information technology; and Calum Middleton, senior vice president and treasurer.