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Executive Insights

My First 100 Days as CEO

The first 100 days of a typical chief executive officer usually implies big changes and shake-ups within a company. I’m pleased to say my experience breaks the mold. In all honesty, my initial days as CEO were similar to my last 100 days serving as chief operating officer—a constant whirlwind of activity and never a dull moment, but always aligned in the direction we are heading.

Delivery Apps and POS Systems: Friends or Rivals?

On-demand delivery apps have made the biggest shift in the restaurant industry over the last several decades. You could argue the drive thru was the last real innovation to change ordering to such an extent.

5 Steps to Get to the Top from the President of Red Lobster

Salli Setta started out her career bussing tables at a restaurant she could get to on public transportation. She recognizes now that many people think of restaurant jobs as the in between, but for her, it was the start of a long career with many big moves.

Why AI Can Be a Traditional Restaurant’s Secret Sauce

As everyone in the restaurant business knows, the competition for guest dollars is intense. For traditional restaurants, the competitive landscape is complicated by the rise of on-demand formats like ghost restaurants, pop-up dining options and food trucks—a sector that is forecast to grow like wildfire over the next dozen years, from $35 billion to a whopping $365 billion.

8 Women Shaking Up the Restaurant Industry

We know the restaurant industry is by and large still run by men, but the women who are leading the charge to make change are powerful and they’re making waves. These eight women are shaping the future of the restaurant business.

The Timeless Tex-Mex Brand Taking Over Texas

Tex-Mex is a growing segment in the restaurant industry. While new concepts selling tacos, margaritas, and queso are popping up across the South, there is one brand in particular that has spent the last three and a half decades growing and dominating the Tex-Mex scene in Texas.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Director of Culture

The restaurant world is not a place for the fainthearted. The demands of customer service, grueling physical work, and often-chaotic atmosphere can frazzle even the coolest, most collected individuals.

Former Nike Exec Joins Brinker International Board

Brinker International, Inc. announces the appointment of Cindy L. Davis and John W. Chidsey to its Board of Directors.Davis is an accomplished executive with a track record of driving innovation and profitable growth globally.

Primanti Bros. Names First Chief Marketing Officer

Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar, the 86-year-old Pittsburgh-based restaurant concept, today announces Adam Golomb as the company's first Chief Marketing Officer. Golomb will oversee Primanti Bros.

A Look Into the Legacy of Experiential Dining

With a history spanning 60 years and more than 70 restaurants, Specialty Restaurants Corporation continues to find a viable recipe for success through its many iterations, ranging from Tiki bars to fine dining.

The Old Spaghetti Factory Turns 50 in Style

In the restaurant industry, where concepts often burn out in less than a year, making it to five years—or even a decade—is a monumental feat. The Old Spaghetti Factory is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019.

Kona Grill Founder Marcus Jundt Takes Over as Sole CEO

Kona Grill is undergoing another major change at the beginning of 2019. The contemporary American grill and sushi bar’s co-chief executive officer, Steve Schussler, announced January 11 that he was resigning from his executive position and the company’s board of directors.