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Executive Insights

Rotolo’s Welcomes Ryan Brach as Chief Operating Officer

Mitch Rotolo, CEO of Rotolo’s—the Baton Rouge-based pizzeria—announced that industry leader Ryan Brach will join the team as Chief Operating Officer.Brach is a quality-committed restaurant professional that brings over 10 years of experience with all aspects of market development to his new role at Rotolo’s.

How to Market Your Restaurant Online

You want to occupy some sort of digital space—to increase your brand’s recognition and entice new customers. From a marketing perspective, there are a lot of factors that you must consider to ensure a successful campaign, and this can be achieved by using a range of different platforms.

Should Your Restaurant Partner with a Private-Equity Firm?

For restaurant operators that want to grow and need funding, partnering with a private-equity investor can be a good place to start, as long as operators fully consider the pros and cons.Private-equity firms can provide significant benefits to a restaurant company, such as providing the financial backing that can fuel substantial growth.