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Executive Insights

Rotolo’s Welcomes Ryan Brach as Chief Operating Officer

Mitch Rotolo, CEO of Rotolo’s—the Baton Rouge-based pizzeria—announced that industry leader Ryan Brach will join the team as Chief Operating Officer.Brach is a quality-committed restaurant professional that brings over 10 years of experience with all aspects of market development to his new role at Rotolo’s.

How to Market Your Restaurant Online

You want to occupy some sort of digital space—to increase your brand’s recognition and entice new customers. From a marketing perspective, there are a lot of factors that you must consider to ensure a successful campaign, and this can be achieved by using a range of different platforms.

Should Your Restaurant Partner with a Private-Equity Firm?

For restaurant operators that want to grow and need funding, partnering with a private-equity investor can be a good place to start, as long as operators fully consider the pros and cons.Private-equity firms can provide significant benefits to a restaurant company, such as providing the financial backing that can fuel substantial growth.

Why Cyber Insurance is No Longer Optional for Restaurants

Chili’s was recently inaugurated into a long list of companies that no business wants to be a part of—those that have experienced a data breach. It feels like every day another company is in the news with a breach, grabbing headlines of newspapers, and trending on social media.

Introducing Rachel Cope: An Oklahoma City Food Star on the Rise

When Rachel Cope finds a gap in the market, her first instinct is to fill it. And in the up-and-coming Oklahoma City restaurant market, there have been plenty of gaps to fill. After working front-of-house and managerial positions in a number of local restaurants during and after college, Cope set out to create a concept of her own, inspired by the famous Home Slice Pizza in Austin, Texas.

Lessons from Chicago's First Family of Italian

The newest restaurant in the Italian Village Restaurants group, Vivere, is over 30 years old. The oldest, The Village, is more than 90, opened in 1927 by Alfredo Capitanini and claims to be Chicago's oldest Italian restaurant.

Everything Restaurants Need to Know About Intellectual Property Rights

Trademarks, patents, and other legal protections are often associated with inventions, artistic works, and images—but not so much with restaurants. Nevertheless, intellectual property rights encompass everything from a restaurant’s name and logo to proprietary recipes and kitchen processes.

How Sam Ballas and East Coast Wings are Winning the Wing War

At first glance, East Coast Wings + Grill’s growth plan might seem bold, perhaps even ambitious: Take a 35-unit chicken-wing chain and build it beyond 100 restaurants. Given the casual-dining landscape, where retraction—not expansion—is the buzzword, East Coast Wings would be bucking the trend.

How Philly Brewer Dave Goldman is Building a Craft Empire

When Dave Goldman finds something he’s passionate about, his first instinct is to run with it. Take his career in the foodservice industry. After starting out at a high-end grocery store at the ripe age of 11, Goldman went on to work in pizza shops, major in hotel and restaurant management at the University of Delaware, and become a partner at Italian Bistro, a concept with a smattering of locations across the Philadelphia area—all before graduating from college.

Should You Open a Fast Casual?

Even as momentum has slowed in the fast-casual sector, full-service operators and chefs continue to enter the quick-service fray en masse. Some want a crack at becoming the next Shake Shack or Sweetgreen, attracting investors and big potential profits.