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Why It's Important to Invest in Food Scientists

For foodservice workers seeking specific culinary skills, it hasn’t been easy to find funding for specialties such as culinary science and meat production. Thanks to the North American Meat Institute, that’s changed.

The Crown Belongs to Commander’s Palace

It was the end of a New Orleans April night at Commander’s Palace and Ti Adelaide Martin was left asking herself a rather wistful question. “I thought to myself, how did I get this gig?” she says.

Restaurateur Randy Dewitt Puts Innovation on the Front Burner

Randy Dewitt can only imagine what this would have felt like 20 years ago. Like many aspiring restaurateurs, his pockets were full of passion and little else.“I just think it’s the coolest foodservice concept to come along in my entire career,” Dewitt says.

Black Bear Diner Names Anita Adams CFO

Black Bear Diner, the rapidly expanding family dining concept headquartered in Redding, California, announced today the addition of restaurant industry veteran Anita Adams as chief financial officer.

Firebirds' Chef Steven Sturm is Stoking the Culinary Flames

Recognized in 2015 by FSR as one of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Full-Service Chains, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill continues to expand across the country. Founded in 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina, by restaurateur Dennis Thompson, the 42-unit upscale-polished concept focuses the menu on its namesake wood-fired grill, churning out steaks, chicken, burgers, ribs, seafood, and even vegetable-forward dishes with that signature smoky flavor and slow-cooked appeal.

What Restaurants Really Think About Health Care

Like many Americans, I couldn’t break down a health care bill if I tried.In response, I handed over the topic to our more-than-capable readers, professionals throughout the restaurant industry who have direct day-in and day-out experience with this lava-hot issue.

The Rebirth of America's Classic Chain

Paul Mangiamele won’t call it a comeback. What’s happening these days at Bennigan’s is better described as a renaissance, he says. Actually, just take the prefix “re” and tack on the word of your choice.

What Makes a Rising Star?

I’ve spent 12-and-a-half years in career services, watching students at the CIA grow. Many of our graduates have gone on to launch highly successful careers and become some of the biggest stars in the industry.

How to Reinvent Kitchen Spaces

Last year, the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) moved to its new Brookfield Place facilities. After 41 years of operation, we relocated to our downtown location in order to design every detail of our school.

The Art of Selling a Restaurant

Selling a long-standing restaurant is no easy task. Take Merle Borenstein, who opened Armadillo’s Bar & Grill, a Southwestern eatery, in the then edgy Rondout area of Kingston, New York, in 1988, about 90 miles north of New York City.