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How to Create the Next Great Restaurant Brand

Our world is changing rapidly and dramatically, and this quickening pace has not been lost on restaurant operators. This is true especially as they work toward creating the next great restaurant brand or franchise.

Why Discounting is Almost Always a Bad Idea

Providing a discount sounds like a good idea. If you cut prices for a limited time, you’ll see a spike in sales and you’ll attract a host of new customers, right?The truth is that discounting is can do real damage.

The Roadmap to Restaurant Success in 2019

We don’t need a room of experts to confirm opening a restaurant is daunting. First-year failure rates jump around dramatically, but it’s splitting hairs. The reality is that many restaurants open, but far fewer enjoy lasting success.

Another Broken Egg Cafe Opened June 17 in Auburn

Another Broken Egg Cafe celebrated its official grand opening on Monday, June 17, to hungry fans in Auburn, Alabama. The highly anticipated grand opening followed a booming Friends & Family Weekend where the cafe served more than 600 patrons and earned over $6,400 for the Lee County Humane Society and the EAMC Foundation.

Restaurant Strategies to Win a Grand Opening

There’s never a second chance to make a first impression. When opening a restaurant, first impressions may be all critics and guests ever see. It takes passion to succeed, but it also takes a masterful plan and unparalleled execution.

4 Steps to Prevent a Rodent Infestation in Your Restaurant

It's a problem plaguing most major cities, rats out in the open. They are leaping out of dumpsters, hunting for food. But what about restaurants? What happens when customers leave and the place closes for the night? Popular restaurants are the hotspots for tourists and residents alike.