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How to Court Today's Seafood Consumer

High stress is in the DNA of the foodservice business. Operators today, however, are under even more pressure, dealing with labor shortages or automation that is coming to market almost up to the task.

The Dos & Don'ts of Professional Food Photography

If photography is the art of making a second last forever then why not make it part of an amazing culinary experience? And what if that was all it took for a diner to stop and actually walk through the door of your establishment? It can happen.

Romaine, Blockchain, and the Future of Food Safety

Romaine lettuce dominated headlines this spring, when nearly 100 people became ill after eating romaine tainted with E.coli. This particular strain of bacteria was especially strong, with half of the people affected requiring hospitalization.

How to Market Your Restaurant Online

You want to occupy some sort of digital space—to increase your brand’s recognition and entice new customers. From a marketing perspective, there are a lot of factors that you must consider to ensure a successful campaign, and this can be achieved by using a range of different platforms.

How Sizzler Keeps the Guest Experience Fresh, 60 Years Later

Editor’s note: This is the latest monthly column with Rom Krupp, the founder and CEO of Marketing Vitals, an analytics software helping restaurants of all shapes and sizes. You can read his column on Twin Peaks here, Abuelo's here, Kenny's Restaurant Group here, Firenza Pizza here, Sonny’s BBQ here, Boston's here, Del Frisco’s Grill here, City Barbecue here, Four Foods Group here, Melt Shop here, and Hopdoddy Burger Bar here.

Don’t Get Fried by Your Restaurant’s Energy Use

We all know restaurant businesses operate on razor-thin margins. As a result, operators appropriately focus on product quality, guest satisfaction, and managing prime costs to survive. But I’d like us to think differently for a moment—not just for the sake of the bottom line, but for a larger purpose as well.

Summer Dining Tips and Must-Have Menu Items

We’re only halfway through summer, and already some parts of the country are seeing record-breaking numbers when it comes to the amount of tourists—great news for restaurants, who are experiencing an uptick in sales for the season.

Online Fraud is Growing for Restaurants. Here's How to Stop It

Our world becomes increasingly more digital by the day, and consumer expectations are shifting as a result. This opens up exciting new ways for brands to interact with customers. Full-service restaurants like TGI Fridays are seeing traction with their digital ordering apps, and grocery delivery services are now becoming the norm rather than the exception.

How to Price a Profitable Catering Proposal

Have you ever wondered if you’re pricing your catering proposals correctly? Is it possible to make more money? I know I wasn’t doing it right and it cost me. Let me show you what took me too long to learn myself.

Want to Serve Food Fast? Don't Hand-Label Prepared Foods

Millennials, one of the fastest growing consumer groups, often want their food fast, though not necessarily fast food.In fact, they eat more meals in restaurants and have purchased more prepared foods than both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, according to analyst Bernstein, a global asset management firm, which recently pulled data from the U.