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How Dave & Buster's Inspires Employees in the Millennial Age

Quality over quantity: it’s an age-old adage regurgitated frequently enough to deafen most ears it falls upon.Expansion should never come at the price of performance, but it’s all too easy to once-over an exponential growth curve and conclude, “that’s a healthy company,” ignoring what’s frequently being left on the table in the rush to scale.

4 Ways to Finance a Catering Business

If you’re considering starting a catering business or looking for money to expand an existing one, you might have heard that restaurant loans are difficult to come by. And, in a sense, it’s true—banks don’t always want to give out loans to high-risk businesses (restaurants included).

How Chris Cosentino Went From TV to His Own Restaurants

Imagine the scene—you’re in a bar having a drink preparing for one of the biggest moments of your life: Your first appearance on Iron Chef America. Across the bar you hear someone describing a person who sounds like you—a San Francisco chef who will face off with Mario Batali.

Moving to a POS System: 4 Tips Your Staff Should Know

These days almost all restaurants use point-of-sale systems. Even if your restaurant doesn’t, you should consider a point-of-sale system as a great potential next step toward a positive future.While most POS system software providers provide some type of training with the software, the truth remains that not everyone in the restaurant knows how the system works.

The Key to Off-Premises Sales? Digital Ordering

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, technology is what’s on the menu.For starters, mobile apps let people order and pay on their smartphones and then walk in and pick up their food. Self-service kiosks allow consumers to customize orders with the a few taps of the screen.

5 Things to Consider Before Writing a Restaurant Business Plan

Restaurant business offers profit margins starting at a 20 percent rate. On average, eateries break even in the course of one-and-half, two years and you start making good money afterward. Well, this fairytale truly occurs only if everything goes according to plan.

How to Write Captivating Restaurant Blog Posts

You’ve probably heard about the success that blogging can bring to a business, but perhaps as a café or restaurant, you’ve been a bit apprehensive about what it can do for you. Maybe you’ve already tried writing a post, and you’ve not seen the success you’ve expected, and now you’re looking to see how you can make it a success.

Food Packaging Design Tips, and Why it Matters

We all have days when we want a delicious dinner delivered right to our door. Luckily, many restaurants and meal delivery kit services are ready and waiting to fulfill that dream. But, poor packaging design decisions can ruin the experience.