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10 Tips to Lower Your Restaurant's Water Bill

According to the EPA, water used in restaurants/foodservice account for about 15 percent of the total water used in all commercial and institutional facilities in the U.S.  Here is a breakdown of the usage by area:52 percent: Kitchen/dishwashing31 percent: Domestic/Restroom12 percent: Other4 percent: Landscaping4 percent: OtherAnd, according to Powerhouse Dynamics, “a typical sit-down restaurant uses an average of about 5,800 gallons of water per day.

Why Tip-Pooling Could Be Making a Comeback

Under the direction of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, the Department of Labor proposed a rule change regarding tip-pooling. The proposed change would partially rescind the DOL’s 2011 regulations on tip-pooling which prohibited restaurants from allowing customer-facing employees (i.

What is Wagyu Beef, and How Should it be Prepared?

A fresh, choice cut of Wagyu beef is unequivocally one of the most decadent and enjoyable delicacies one could ever hope to experience. You have probably heard of it, but have you eaten it? There are a number of misconceptions, however, about what exactly Wagyu beef is, and perhaps more importantly, how to prepare it.

How the Gig Economy Can Help Restaurants

The restaurant industry has long embraced technology, from relying on POS systems and restocking platforms to leveraging Yelp reviews and social media. Now it is beginning to capitalize on the rise of the gig economy, but not without some challenges.

Why Handling Gluten Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think

For those living gluten-free, dining out can be a challenge and potential source of anxiety. While many restaurants have gluten-free (GF) offerings, ensuring that procedures are followed to avoid cross-contamination and that all ingredients used are truly safe is a paramount concern for GF diners, and being able to answer questions in a straightforward and accurate way needs to be part of wait staff training.

What Restaurants Need to Know About Mobile Wallet Technology

Restaurants today are searching for effective and innovative approaches to build a strong and dependable loyalty base. However between low consumer adoption and the financial challenges these programs can present, there is a significant opportunity to make these programs more effective.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Customers

Do you think you know your customers? Think again. There’s more and more information available to savvy restaurateurs who want to find out everything they can about their guests in order to make more informed decisions about everything from what to put on the menu to how to staff locations.

Tip Credits: Is the DOL’s 20 Percent Guidelines a Bridge Too Far?

When does a server stop being a server? According to the Department of Labor’s enforcement handbook, when servers spend more than 20 percent of their time on non-tip generating activities. Relying on that interpretation, courts have held that employers lose the benefit of the tip credit provision when servers spend in excess of 20 percent of their time on such activities.

5 Ways to Promote Safety in Restaurants

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers must create a safe working environment. However, employees have a critical part to play in ensuring safety in the workplace.