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5 Tips for Every Restaurant to Have a Festive Cinco de Mayo

Spring is here, which means Cinco de Mayo is on the horizon. While your customers may not be sipping cerveza on the beach, there are plenty of ways to bring the flair, celebration, and inebriation of Cinco de Mayo to your establishment.

Why Restaurants are Having a Data Wake-Up Call

With over 25 years on the Internet creating an industry full of innovative technology tools and platforms, restaurants are now faced with a very important question: Who is entitled to their customer data? The recent discovery that a major online reservation provider is blocking data sharing to other vendors has proved to be a wake-up call for restaurant executives, owners, and operators everywhere.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Employee Management Software

The hospitality industry faces some of the greatest challenges when it comes to time and attendance management for their employees. With so many employees spread out throughout the business, in many different departments doing many different jobs at different times of the day, it’s hard to not only plan for and deploy the adequate workforce, but to manage, monitor, and compensate properly.

Why AI Can Be a Traditional Restaurant’s Secret Sauce

As everyone in the restaurant business knows, the competition for guest dollars is intense. For traditional restaurants, the competitive landscape is complicated by the rise of on-demand formats like ghost restaurants, pop-up dining options and food trucks—a sector that is forecast to grow like wildfire over the next dozen years, from $35 billion to a whopping $365 billion.