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Yours Truly: Authenticity For Restaurant Brands

In the December issue I introduced our 2019 Buyer’s Guide with a letter titled Tried, True, and Trendy. All the conversations that went on behind the scenes of that 57-item, 25-page guide demonstrated two things of importance to me.

Successful Restaurants Begin with a 5-Star Lease

As a restaurant owner, your primary focus is on delivering a memorable experience for your customers that is unparalleled by your competition. You dedicate time and energy to developing a mouth-watering menu with trendy refreshments, to be served by a team of professionals who are polite and friendly, while delivering a sought-after ambiance.

TripAdvisor's 5 Tips for Online Success

Great restaurant brands are known for their quality and consistency. TripAdvisor Restaurant Marketing Leader Mark Goloboy thinks that’s as important online as it offline.READ MORE: Check out TripAdvisor's top chain restaurants in the country.

5 Tips for Building a Thriving Holiday Gift Card Program

The holiday season typically calls to mind idyllic scenes of sit-down family dinners or long talks around a fire. Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or an impromptu “Friendsgiving,” food is an integral part of the holiday season because of one shared characteristic: they bring people together.

DOL Quashes Confusing 80/20 Rule for Tipped Employees. What Now?

The Department of Labor (DOL) under the Trump administration has been particularly busy these past two years proposing and implementing changes, especially when it comes to tipped employees. From proposing rules about tip-sharing to opining on wage rates for non-tipped work, it can be difficult for employers with tipped workers to keep up.

8 Ways to 86 Restaurant Workplace Safety Hazards

Every holiday season, local TV morning shows remind us how to stay safe when prepping the big meal: don’t defrost the ham on the counter overnight, don’t eat raw cake batter, make sure the turkey hits 165 degrees (mom’s wrong on this one—take J.

5 Reasons Why Restaurant Security Cameras are Critical

Growing a restaurant requires many things, including perseverance, a great staff, capital―and security cameras. In today’s world, visually keeping track of virtually everything that happens in a restaurant is critical.

Tackling Restaurant Crisis Situations One Bite at a Time

In the restaurant industry, there are many unforeseeable media crisis situations, simply due to the nature of the business. Whether it’s a poor health inspection, E. coli outbreak, evidence of racism, food containing undesirable ingredients, unfortunate crimes happening inside or outside of the restaurant, there has to be an effective PR crisis plan in place to deal with these issues when it comes to the media.

How Restaurants Can Change Perceptions About Private Dining, and Why They Should

Although private dining is growing in popularity nationwide, many consumers still have the perception that it’s an indulgence, or only reserved for special occasions. This couldn’t be further from the truth, with many restaurant owners reporting that small parties (those with groups of 10 to 15 people) actually put less strain on a restaurant’s space and existing operations.

3 Steps to Trademarking Your Restaurant’s Brand

Whether clever and cute or straightforward and simple, a restaurant’s branding is one of its most important assets. A name or logo, also known as a trademark, is often guests’ first impression of a business—not to mention how people differentiate one place from another.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Delivery to Your Restaurant

In a world where consumers are increasingly turning to an on-demand lifestyle, restaurants are seeing a rise in demand for food delivery. Strategy firm Pentallect published a 2018 study that found the third-party delivery industry is slated to grow 13.

How Food Bloggers Could Change Your Restaurant Business

Influencer marketing is constantly yielding businesses big revenue. Influencers build a bridge between brands and consumers, bringing the product closer to the audience. Especially in the food and beverage industry where the experiences matter and people want to hear from regular people just like them.

The Crisis in Your Restaurant's Back-of-House

Harassment in the workplace is prevalent across the restaurant industry, but it’s not just the front-of-house staff like servers and bussers to worry about. It’s happening with back-of-house staff, too, but restaurants aren’t armed to handle and prevent harassment among this group of employees.