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Three-Dimensional Branding

Have you noticed? There is much visual similarity among restaurant brands. The interior environments look much alike. The exteriors are similar. How effectively does one brand differentiate itself from the competition? Not very.

Social Media 101 for Restaurants

In this third installment of our social media series, I’m not just suggesting you claim your business on Foursquare, I’m urging you to embrace location-based marketing. And Foursquare makes it easy for you!There are two major reasons you need to head to Foursquare today.

Why Tabletop Tablets Can't Replace Servers

Restaurants across the country have recently begun introducing tablets to their tabletops. In doing so, these businesses are improving the overall casual dining experience for everyone involved—guests, servers, and operators alike—resulting in increased guest satisfaction, more efficient staff, and growing revenues.

5 Types of Content You Need to Share with Your Social Media Followers

You need to take a strong hold of your restaurant’s online presence. The goal is not simply to collect followers; your goal is to attract new customers and keep your current customers engaged. Social media is like Las Vegas gone digital—it never sleeps, and its viewers are looking for new excitement and engagement every second.

13 Ways to Painlessly Improve Profitability by Saving Energy in 2013: Part 8

The law of supply and demand is perhaps society’s most basic principle. When supply exceeds demand, prices fall. Conversely, higher demand leads to higher prices. In restaurants, that principle underlies “happy hour” and “early bird” specials based on bringing in customers during slow portions of the day.

Qualities of a Successful Floor Safety Program

Studies from the insurance industry confirm: both workers' compensation and general liability slip-and-fall claims and costs are on the rise. This indicates the basic “washing, safety cone, and employee shoe” floor safety programs that most restaurants follow are inadequate.

5 Most Overlooked Restaurant Elements

For better or worse, whether you intend it or not, every element you bring into your restaurant serves as a reflection of your business and its values. Factors that might not even cross your mind can have a lasting impact on your guest’s experience.

4 Reasons to Upgrade to a UL 300-Standard Fire Suppression System

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, an average of 5,900 restaurant fires occur each year. With cooking identified as the cause of more than half of those fires, much of the damage can be minimized by ensuring restaurant fire suppression systems comply with the UL 300 standard.

13 Mistakes You're Making on Your Restaurant's Website

Your online media presence has become essential for engaging current and potential customers. If you are not taking advantage of the vast variety of platforms for branding on the Internet, let’s face it—you're way behind the times and are missing out on great revenue-generating opportunities.

Social Media 101 for Restaurants

Lights, camera, action! In advertising circles, “video content marketing” is one of the most buzzworthy concepts right now. Let’s discuss how your full-service restaurant can take advantage of YouTube’s user-friendly platform to host and share your on-camera stories.

Slips Happen

High-quality service and desirable menu items are likely among any restaurant’s primary objectives. Just as high on the priority list, however, should be the safety of guests while on the premises.

Trim Your Budget By 10 Percent Through Menu Design

What many restaurant owners lose on their bottom line starts with a few wasteful pennies dropped here and there. For instance, do you really need that inedible garnish that is usually moved to the side upon delivery? By leaving it out, you could save pennies of profit per dish.