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Top 3 Tips for Responding to Yelp Reviews

Word of mouth used to be defined solely as a chat between friends. While it would be impossible (and downright odd) for restaurant owners to follow every single customer around, hoping to hear a bit of conversation about an experience at their establishment, you can understand why they’d want to do so.

How I Fell in Love... With Credit Card Processing

If you’ve ever thought the fees for accepting credit cards at your restaurant were too high, you’re right—you ARE wasting your money on credit card processing fees. But most likely, you’re all wrong about how you're wasting it.

13 Ways to Painlessly Improve Profitability by Saving Energy in 2013: Part 3

Are energy hogs robbing you blind? There’s only one way to hunt them down: conduct an audit of your facilities. Many utilities may be willing to do that for you. If you prefer to do the hunting yourself, however, here are a few areas to review, courtesy of the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Profits Add Up with Fresh Draft Beer

There’s nothing like a fresh draft beer, poured right from the tap. In the U.S., draft beer sales are increasing annually, accounting for about one in 10 servings in 2011, according to the Beer Institute.

The Secret Behind a Successful Loyalty Program

Full-service restaurants recognize the importance of customer loyalty, but they occasionally jeopardize it in their ongoing efforts to attract new diners. While owners and managers do need to focus on new business, two other opportunities are just as deserving of their attention: how to maintain and please existing customers as they try to attract new ones, and how to keep all of their customers coming back.

6 Tips from Industry Veteran Dave Query

Twenty years ago, Dave Query started Big Red F Restaurant Group in Boulder, Colorado. He recently served up a few of the lessons he’s learned along the way for the Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series, covering topics from business structure to the “gut check” he's done every day since he opened the doors of his first restaurant.

The Power of Group Purchasing Organizations

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an organization that pools the buying power of its individual members to help get the best possible prices and quality on products and services. Some people might be familiar with the idea of group purchasing from the practices of insurance companies and wholesale retail operations like Costco.

How Chain Operators Can Source Food Locally

Today's farm-to-table “locavore” movement has spread like a prairie fire across the restaurant environment. Many single-unit, chef-driven restaurants promote ever-changing menus that incorporate produce and herbs from their own rooftop gardens and feature meat and poultry from local farmers.

Better Leverage Social Media to Improve Your Restaurant's Profits

If you don't live under a rock, you've noticed that social media has changed the business landscape in recent years. Proprietors who don't take advantage of it — especially restaurant owners — are missing out on countless emerging avenues to market their business and reach customers.

Should You Implement A Guest Loyalty Program?

Loyalty programs have always been a staple in the hospitality and travel industry, but recently, they have also been gaining popularity in the restaurant space. This trend may be due in part to the rise of mobile apps that make the loyalty process more seamless; T.