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Scaling Restaurant Sustainability: 3 Steps for Green Growth

In the restaurant industry, growing a business must go hand-in-hand with scaling sustainability. Most restaurants face a slim, 3 to 5 percent average profit margin, but sustainability efforts can lead to impactful cost savings that improve the bottom line.

How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Summer Pests

During the hot, summer months, going out and enjoying a nice meal with friends and family can be a relaxing experience. Just as guests pour into your restaurant to escape the blazing heat, other undesirable visitors, such as pests, do the same.

How Restaurants Can Save Costs by Repairing, Not Replacing

We’ve all been to restaurants where we sit down at a table or booth and notice there is something in dire need of a repair. It could be a ripped or cracked vinyl seat. Perhaps tables and counters showing damage with chipping or scratches.

How Blending Dayparts Benefits Restaurant Operators

It is the nightmare scenario: the breakfast crowd has left and the lunch crowd has yet to come. The fryers and grills are running. The staff is standing idle. Time is money and right now, both are going wasted.

Del Frisco's Brilliant Marketing Strategy Starts at the Top

Editor’s note: This is the latest monthly column with Rom Krupp, the founder and CEO of Marketing Vitals, an analytics software helping restaurants of all shapes and sizes. You can read his column on Twin Peaks here, Abuelo's here, Kenny's Restaurant Group here, Sonny’s BBQ here, Boston's here, and Hopdoddy Burger Bar here.

7 Ways the Restaurant Status Quo Is Being Disrupted

Restaurant operators and managers had a lot thrown at them last year. New and expanded labor legislation in big cities and across entire states have complicated compliance for some businesses and sowed uncertainty among others.