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Online Fraud is Growing for Restaurants. Here's How to Stop It

Our world becomes increasingly more digital by the day, and consumer expectations are shifting as a result. This opens up exciting new ways for brands to interact with customers. Full-service restaurants like TGI Fridays are seeing traction with their digital ordering apps, and grocery delivery services are now becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Want to Serve Food Fast? Don't Hand-Label Prepared Foods

Millennials, one of the fastest growing consumer groups, often want their food fast, though not necessarily fast food.In fact, they eat more meals in restaurants and have purchased more prepared foods than both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, according to analyst Bernstein, a global asset management firm, which recently pulled data from the U.

4 Keys to Opening a Successful Restaurant

There are a number of things that have the ability to bridge cultural gaps and unite people in one go. One of those things is food. The world is privileged to have so many different nationalities, each with its own cuisine.

Why the Commissary Kitchen is a Hidden-Profit Gem

Most caterers start out pretty simple with one line of business, whether it is baking for wholesale accounts or doing on-site events. This simple model starts from a small kitchen that seems impossible to ever outgrow.

What the Shift Toward Vegan Eating Means for Your Restaurant

With plant-based food businesses, festivals, and pop-ups booming, it’s clear that veganism is becoming a global phenomenon. Over the last five years, people have started to make more informed food choices, driven by a growing awareness of the impacts of animal agriculture on climate change, health, and animal welfare.

Why Bring Mobile Into Restaurant Customer Service

All industries, including restaurants, are moving toward mobile to provide better service to their customers. Mobile is convenient and allows customers to engage with businesses on a device they’re already using most of the day.

The Decision That Could Alter Employment Contracts for Restaurants

On Monday, May 21, the Supreme Court ruled that class- and collective-action waivers in employee arbitration agreements are enforceable and may prohibit employees from pursuing class- or collective-action lawsuits for workplace claims, a decision that could alter employment contracts in the restaurant industry moving forward.