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Content Marketing Makes Small Chains More Competitive

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are over 1 million restaurant locations in the United States. Nine out of ten of these restaurants have fewer than 50 employees, while seven in ten are single-unit operations.

12 Restaurant Gift and Merchandise Ideas

One of the most effective ways to keep a restaurant hustling and bustling is to build a strong community that is excited to spread the word. Gifts and merchandise are the perfect way to keep a brand’s name front and center in a customer’s mind.

5 Benefits of LED Lighting

In restaurants, the lighting is often as important as the fixtures in which they’re placed. This applies particularly to LED lightbulbs, since they’re directly tied to monthly energy costs, which can impact your bottom-line.

Can Your Payroll Handle Natural Disasters?

After witnessing the catastrophic effects of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, there’s a good chance you are thinking “What if a natural disaster disrupted my restaurant operations?”Certainly no corner of the United States is spared from natural disaster, including tornadoes, earthquakes, or wildfires.

11 Steps to Creating a Food Safety Culture

Restaurants are often hectic, fast-paced places with lots of kitchen activity and chaos. In the midst of a busy shift, employees might take occasional “short cuts,” like not walking across the kitchen to use the designated hand-washing sink or using the same knife and board to chop peanuts and then prep a salad.

8 Factors for Choosing a New Restaurant Location

Whether you’re opening your first full-service restaurant, your second, or your 50th, it’s important to understand what to look out for when choosing a new restaurant location. For seasoned restaurateurs, you may have a successful location where you are but how much of that success is inadvertently down to accidental—or purposeful—restaurant location choice? The answer may be it has everything to do with it.

How to Make Your Restaurant an Instagram Sensation

All it takes is a touch of sunshine, some funky decor, and a beautifully presented dish, and you’ve got yourself an image that will make mouths water and imaginations swoon. But do you have the audience?   In the history of dining, word of mouth has always been the best way to fill seats.

3 Types of Tech That Can Change Your Restaurant

Back in the 90s, the restaurant experience was completely different from what it is today. From finding a restaurant to dining, everything took more time, more patience, and more effort.To find a restaurant, you would have first had to rely on word of mouth, the Yellow Pages, or just stumble upon it by sheer luck.

How to Start a Customer Loyalty Program

According to National Restaurant Association (NRA), food and beverage sales in U.S. full-service restaurants has increased by over 40 percent since 2009. And as of 2016, food and beverage sales are at $259.

Cash vs. Cards: A One-Sided War for Restaurants

Back in July, Visa announced a challenge incentivizing independent restaurants to go cashless. For business owners, the announcement is one of many recent developments adding to why the cashless trend shouldn’t be ignored.

13 Tips for Improving Restaurant Profitability

Improving profitability is one of the first steps to expanding and growing a restaurant. After all, if more of each sales dollar falls straight to your bottom line, you will have more resources available to increase capacity or try different strategies.

7 Benefits of Renting Point-of-Sale Hardware

Point-of-sale (software) serves as the foundation for any restaurant business. It not only allows a business to securely accept customer payments, it also keeps the flow of the restaurant or food establishment moving forward.