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7 Benefits of Renting Point-of-Sale Hardware

Point-of-sale (software) serves as the foundation for any restaurant business. It not only allows a business to securely accept customer payments, it also keeps the flow of the restaurant or food establishment moving forward.

5 Ways to Find the Best Insurance for Your Restaurant

How much insurance does my business really need? What types of insurance do I need? What insurance can I get away without having? What is the bare minimum I can get away with for insurance? These are all very common question that insurance agents get asked when either a new business owner is looking to buy insurance coverage for the first time or a seasoned business owner is looking to renew their coverage.

4 Things You Can Do to Fight Employee Turnover

Turnover among hourly workers is high. According to Forbes, the industry average of turnover for hourly workers is 107 percent. That means, on average, every hourly job turns once a year—and then some.

7 Ways to Veganize Your Menu

The vegans are coming. You probably have heard of them—your coworker’s niece, a friend’s son, maybe even your next door neighbor. The number of Americans who identify as vegan increased from 1 percent in 2014 to 6 percent in 2017.

5 Ways to Reduce Labor Costs

While businesses strive to increase revenue in a competitive market, the cost of labor continues to rise. According to a recent survey of U.S. businesses with hourly workers, increasing profit margins was the top business challenge, yet nearly half of respondents said they didn’t feel in control of their profit margins.

3 Big Advancements Are Changing the Way Restaurants Do Business

Technology has solidified its role as an integral part of the restaurant experience. Innovative restaurant tech is eliminating customers’ pain points and keeping diners coming back for more. And while in-person visits to restaurants are declining, electronic orders have tripled over the last five years.

How Mobile-First Marketing Can Change Casual Dining

Recent headlines have painted an uphill battle for the casual-dining industry. From the threat of fast-casual chains to the evolving priorities of target diners, there are many challenges that the industry must now face.

3 Steps to Creating a Strong Team

Because there are so many different aspects to restaurant management, it’s extremely challenging to find and train employees and work productively as a team daily in what’s already a very close-knit, established culture.

8 Alcoholic Beverage Options That Will Never Go Out of Style

Whether it be food, music, or clothing, trends come and go like the wind. However, there are classics that will never go out of style. The same can be said for alcoholic beverages. These timeless drinks will always be bar favorites regardless of the occasion.

Employees Leave Managers, Not Restaurants

A few weeks ago, two prep cooks at a restaurant asked for pay increases. They both had received raises recently. Their managers were riled up.“That’s it,” one manager said. “Let them leave. We don’t want to be held hostage.

Tips and Service Charges Are Taxed Differently

On April 25, 2017, the IRS updated a fact sheet explaining the differences between tips and service charges. Service charges are generally wages, and they are reported to the employee and the IRS in a manner similar to other wages.