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4 Small Changes Your Customers Want to See

Serving up delicious dishes is crucial, but it’s often only half the battle of running a successful restaurant. Make your restaurant really thrive by making sure that you’re not overlooking the more understated elements that can play a crucial part in improving the customer experience.

5 Tips for Handling Restaurant Data

As a restaurant owner, you’ve got plenty to think about. Between guest experiences, menu offerings, marketing initiatives and keeping your business in the black, you’re knee-deep in a multifaceted venture that necessitates a strong business strategy and an uncompromising vision.

The Benefits of Tableside POS for Restaurant Owners and Servers

There is a silver lining for businesses, especially restaurants that have yet to upgrade to pay-at-the-table devices that accept both EMV and contactless payments. A variety of new products now on the market provide tableside payment capabilities that could increase turnover and tips, while reducing fraud and skimming.

5 Ways to Efficiently Handle the Hottest Fall Favorites

Fall has officially fallen upon us and it's time to celebrate. This is a wonderful time of year for chefs as the bounty of the harvest arrives and diners head out in search of warm, comforting meals packed with their favorite fall flavors.

4 Signs That Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

While the outlook of the hospitality sector looks positive, the war in the restaurant industry is heating up every day. On one hand, there are an increasing number of new restaurants popping up. On the other hand, most restaurants close within first three years.

Why It's Crucial to Get Table Payment Right

The story of Frankenstein has been told for generations, yet the lessons from this tale of mad experimentation gone horrifically wrong are still being learned today, sometimes in the unlikeliest of settings, such as full-service restaurants.

Why Fixing the Supply Chain Can Improve Guest Loyalty

“Maybe we should try somewhere else tonight.” That’s something a restaurant never wants its loyal customers to say, let alone do, and yet it happens all the time. These customers love your food and the service, but it’s a delicate thread that binds them to your establishment.

The Key to Marketing in 2017: Make it Personal

Food is a social experience. When we celebrate events like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, we often prepare special meals for the occasion. From a beautifully decorated cake to red and green Christmas cookies, food is the great unifier.

6 Tips for Handling Predictive Scheduling Laws

Four cities have passed laws related to predictable schedules for hourly employees. Many more states have bills at the state level waiting to be passed.City ordinances in San Jose, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City require covered employers to offer predictable schedules to employees.

Content Marketing Makes Small Chains More Competitive

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are over 1 million restaurant locations in the United States. Nine out of ten of these restaurants have fewer than 50 employees, while seven in ten are single-unit operations.

12 Restaurant Gift and Merchandise Ideas

One of the most effective ways to keep a restaurant hustling and bustling is to build a strong community that is excited to spread the word. Gifts and merchandise are the perfect way to keep a brand’s name front and center in a customer’s mind.

5 Benefits of LED Lighting

In restaurants, the lighting is often as important as the fixtures in which they’re placed. This applies particularly to LED lightbulbs, since they’re directly tied to monthly energy costs, which can impact your bottom-line.