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6 Tips to Help Restaurants Combat Higher Labor Costs

More and more municipalities around the U.S. are raising the minimum wage: In all, 19 states raised the minimum wage last year, with some of the largest increases in the states of Arizona, Washington, and Massachusetts.

3 Sweet Sustainability Lessons for Your Restaurant

Use less water, switch to LED lights, keep the refrigerator doors closed —green tips like these may seem obvious to restaurant owners, but they are difficult to execute day in and day out, particularly across multiple restaurant locations.

How to Prevent Accidents and the Lawsuits that Follow

Whether from spilled soda at the drink station, grease spots near the kitchen, or peanut shells carelessly tossed on the floor by the last customer, busy restaurants are at risk for a seemingly unlimited number of hazards—many of which are just lawsuits waiting to happen.

5 Tips for Training Employees on Fire Safety

Keeping to fire code in restaurants is an all-important and ever-changing task. Recent changes to the National Fire Protection Association's standard for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations (NFPA 96) will require increased amounts of staff training on fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher operations.

Breast Cancer Didn't Stop New York Chef Peter Botros

Everyone knows the old adage, “Nice guys finish last,” and unfortunately that is too frequently the case. Often, kindness is taken for weakness, and people tend to take advantage of the weak. Sure, I’ve been burned for being a “nice guy” but my upbringing and morals could never allow me to be anything but a decent, caring, human being.

Is Customer Service the Cure for the Restaurant Recession?

The full-service restaurant industry is in a state of stagnation.For the past few years, traditional sit-down eateries have faced a two-pronged problem. The first is economic: Saddled with higher living costs, consumers are tightening their budgets, and eating out is often the first discretionary expense to get the axe.

Minimize Food Waste Through Creative Menu Solutions

When it comes to developing a creative menu, operators have to be mindful of the all the costs associated with the selected ingredients. Some recipes require significant ingredient prep and cooking time that are time-consuming and prone to waste.

3 Strategies for Running a Successful Catering Business

There is no denying that caterers are extremely busy. Due to the constant time crunch, there are several areas of business that are often ignored or overlooked. After sitting down and talking to leaders in the catering industry, as well as watching trends, we think finding a balance between organization, analytics, and marketing is the perfect recipe for success.

The Top 8 Healthy Food Trends for 2017

The first quarter of 2017 is over, and there have been some interesting healthy food trends. Useless carbs, sodium, gluten, and unhealthy trans-fats are top of the list of what’s off the menu. Our Pinterest boards are full of mouthwatering recipes enticing us to cook up a healthy storm.

How Recycling Packaging Can Help Your Budget and the Environment

Restaurant kitchens are like air traffic control centers, with food products, ingredients, and fresh foods coming in every day. Amidst all the activity that chefs and kitchen staff are focused on—quality control, food storage and preparation, presentation, and cleanup—a lot of packaging comes and goes.

Why Speed Still Rules in Restaurants

The 20 years from 1980 to 2000 were those of significant innovation and technical development here in the U.S., driven primarily by our constant pursuit of higher technology and more modern conveniences.

4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale Solution

Owning and running a restaurant is no small task. The day-to-day consists of long hours and hard work. Having a firm grasp on the day-to-day details is the key to business success. It is important for restaurant owners to have a strong insight into all areas—staffing, inventory, customer preferences, menus, promotions, and profits—in order to effectively command their business.

Is the Restaurant World Poised for a Tech Takeover?

Kale. Ramen. Locally sourced ingredients. Craft beer. The restaurant industry is quick to jump on food trends. But when it comes to technology—not so much. Although technology has been impacting and improving our lives for decades, restaurants have been slow to adapt.

5 Ways to Separate Amazing Restaurant Technology from the Duds

Restaurants don’t want to spend time and money to update their technology. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as saying they are downright averse to it. Restaurants want to make great food, create amazing experiences for their guests, and make money.