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Plant-Based Foods Growing at 20 Percent, Data Shows

The Plant Based Foods Association, a trade association representing 114 of the nation’s leading plant-based food companies, released new data showing robust sales in the plant-based foods industry with dollar sales growth of 20% over the last year and sales topping $3.

Why Locally Made Bread Is Worth the Extra Cost

When John des Rosiers opened Inovasi nearly a decade ago, he spent years refining the menu to get the quality just right at the upscale American bistro located in Chicago’s northern suburb of Lake Bluff.

Chefs Go Wild With Exotic Game

Antelope, Ostrich & Wild BoarChef James Gibney | British Beer Company | 13 East Coast locationsExecutive Chef James Gibney combined antelope, ostrich, and wild boar sourced from local Fossil Farms in New Jersey for a flavorful chili served at his annual BBC Game Dinner in January.

Why it Pays to Add Imported Meats on Your Menu

Imported meats and proteins mix flavor and excellence to elevate full-service dining beyond what’s available domestically. From dry-cured Italian charcuterie to grass-fed, pasture-raised Australian lamb, restaurants are experimenting with countries, cuts, and categories in search of high-quality products for modern discerning diners.

Why Mushrooms are Booming on Restaurant Menus

Mystical, magical and biologically addictive—mushrooms are in demand. The popularity of wild, foraged, and in some cases medicinal mushrooms is on the rise.Online searches for seasonal wild mushrooms have increased drastically over the last three years, according to data from Hitwise.

How One Chef is Catering to the Cannabis Curious

He may be a little green in the industry, but Chris Yang is already making a name for himself in the Los Angeles dining scene. Or, more specifically, the cannabis-infused dining scene. After studying organic chemistry in college and experimenting with a career in pharmaceuticals, Yang followed his passion for food to become a self-taught cook, primarily by hosting dinner parties at home for a handful of friends.

How Chefs Can Strike a Balance with Culturally Inspired Menus

Mingling comfort flavors with modernity, culturally inspired menus have the power to offer diners flashbacks to childhood and travel adventures, as well as fresh experiences. Today’s full-service restaurants with authentic cuisines are leaning into to this role, blending new trends with old roots to serve up authentic, yet approachable bites.