The TABASCO Guide to Flavor

Thai Food Meets Classic Cajun in NOLA

My approach is to create modern Thai cuisine with a local Louisiana influence, and at Nit Noi—the lounge inside our restaurant—we serve authentic Thai street food with seasonal cocktails.

A Pork Crawl Through Los Angeles

The moronga, or pork blood sausage, arrived in a tray covered with plastic wrap as we rode in a bus down a Los Angeles highway.I chose one of the massive dark rings off the tray and took a bite, washing it down with a guava Jarritos soda and a bite of tamale all from the plate that was the paper towel on my lap.

Wine Cocktails Ascend on Restaurant Menus

It is rare that I don’t spend an evening holed up at a wine bar exploring (mostly for the better, sometimes for the worse) bold whites, rosés, and reds from small, family-owned vineyards I never heard of, or relishing a bartender-made tipple—whether crowned with an egg white pre-dinner, or unapologetically dark and boozy just before bed.

The Bacon-Themed Restaurant With National Plans

Like any great story, this one begins with fried bacon and a mason jar.Four partners—Eric Bergelson, Mike Porter, Jason Callaway, and Chef Anthony Gray—sat around a table in a former hot dog restaurant, brainstorming the future.

Chef Erick Harcey Delivers No-Frills Nordic to Minneapolis

Upton 43Opened: December 2015Location: Minneapolis, MinnesotaOwner: Chef Erick HarceyAverage Check: $90Description: Upgraded Swedish staples guided by traditions, not trends.If celebrity chefs are the new iteration of movie stars, then Chef Erick Harcey is the under-the-radar method actor.

Asian Restaurants Evolve Their Beer Menus

In a reader’s poll conducted by the Brewers Association’s, the winner of the Best Beer Bar in America for three straight years was Mekong in Richmond, Virginia. While the Mekong Delta in Vietnam hardly evokes a beery image like the Senne Valley in Belgium or the Bavarian state in Germany, it nevertheless is the namesake of the Vietnamese restaurant that the Bui family opened in 1995.

8 of the Most Exciting New Restaurants

When weighing whether to open a restaurant, many operators will say the decision lands somewhere between a strategic calculation and running on blind faith. But despite the risks, restaurants continue to launch, with almost 10,000 opening their doors in 2015, according to the National Restaurant Association.

The Reinvention of Minneapolis' Restaurant Alma

Hospitality takes a holistic turn within a historic building nestled in the oldest riverfront neighborhood in Minneapolis, thanks to the expansion of a fine-dining destination into a daylong café and European-style boutique hotel.

What it Takes to Cater the Super Bowl

Think the Super Bowl is big? Imagine catering the parties that precede and follow the largest sporting event in America. That’s the task handed to Celeste Fierro, the senior vice president and co-founder of The ONE Group, parent company to STK, a growing, global chain of 11 steakhouses.

HuHot Unveils Intense Garlic Flavors in February

HuHot Mongolian Grills, LLC is going back to flavor basics this February with the addition of MeSo Garlic to their lineup of signature and create-your-own sauces. This limited time offer will be available at all HuHot locations through the end of April.

7 Flavor Trends from Fancy Food Show 2017

A sea of specialty buyers and retailers converge every January in San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food show to see what’s hot and what’s not. Joining the throng, chefs, caterers, food and beverage directors, and others working in hospitality troll the aisles to glean upcoming trends, to place orders onsite and explore flavors to incorporate into menus.

From Skin to Fin: How to Use Every Part of the Fish

Typically, a chef will send out oysters or caviar, or maybe extra desserts, to a special table. But recently at The Dawson in Chicago a more unusual treat arrived at our table—a spectacular tuna collar on a platter.

9 Ingredients Defining the Plate in the New Year

87. Avocado: It’s become the little black dress of the restaurant scene.88. Olives—with their blend of sweet, sour, salty, and acidic tastes—amplify the flavors of other ingredients.89. Fruit, like watermelon, is the ideal ingredient to accessorize dishes to be both savory and sweet.

Denny’s Unveils Affordable Menu for the New Year

Denny’s is kicking off the New Year with limited-time offerings delivering more value and variety than ever before, featuring high-quality flavors in a variety of delicious dishes sure to satisfy diner cravings.

Exploring the Bounty of Winter Citrus

There’s something magical about winter citrus. More now than at any other time of year citrus grown in warmer climates has begun to peak, evoking sweeter, juicier flesh and bright, colorful peels. “Winter citrus is different from year-round citrus because it is much more varied,” says Carrie Nahabedian, chef/owner of NAHA and Brindille in Chicago.