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6 Ingredients Chefs are Obsessed With Right Now

Whether it’s a rediscovered Italian fish sauce, plankton in a powder, or favored produce used in new ways, these ingredients are adding unmistakable notes to dishes and chefs can’t get enough of them

A Restaurant's Essential Guide to Winning the Holidays

Staying open the day of a holiday can endear an establishment to the community and create a loyal following. Offering the right mix of traditional and luxury menu items on these special days—and during the holiday season as a whole—can create memories for guests that will last a lifetime, keeping them coming back to the restaurant year after year.

Study: Youth, Gender Play Big Part in Openness to Healthy Animal Fat

“Fat is a necessary part of a diet.” “Animal fats are better for you than synthetic fat.” “Humans evolved to eat animal fats.”So say respondents in the fourth annual Coast Packing Company/Ipsos Animal Fats Study, examining openness to, and consumption of, animal fats.

3 Ways to Tap into the Breakfast and Brunch Boom

All-day demand for new, better-for-you, or revamped a.m. meals is only increasing, which means chefs can never hit snooze on brunch menu innovation. Full-service chefs are taking advantage of sizzling opportunities in breakfast and brunch, such as healthy tweaks plus local, seasonal produce; taking old recipes and recreating them as new and modern; and reaching for inspiration from varying cultures.

Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Offering Thanksgiving Feast

With the company’s “Dine Out at Ben’s” option, patrons can completely relax and let Ben’s provide the ultimate “holiday without the headache” experience. On Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, seatings are available for 1, 2:30, and 5 p.

6 Ways Chefs are Having Fun with Fermentation

Good things come to those who wait. Adding unmistakable acidity and sourness, chefs are using fermented ingredients to punch up dishes. Here are few ways chefs are breathing new life into this old technique.

Activist Pushes Outback to Sell or Spinoff Other Brands

Activist investor Barington Capital Group, L.P. has pushed Bloomin’ Brands for change before. Back in February, the company sent a letter to Bloomin’s chairman and chief executive officer, Liz Smith, along with a detailed presentation that outlined how Barington felt Bloomin’ could improve shareholder value and the performance of its casual brands, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s, Bonefish Grill, and Fleming’s.

Study: Yes, Americans Really Love Pizza

The top food Americans choose if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives is pizza—for a second year in a row. The second annual nationwide survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of California Pizza Kitchen celebrates National Pizza Month this October by revealing a whole new set of fun facts all about pizza.

3 Types of Spice Trending this Season

Fragrant and warming, the seasonal spices of fall and winter easily spark memories, and chefs are constructing full-service menus to complement that nostalgia with novelty. Classic spices alongside surprising new elements not only enhance a dish’s complexity, but also give it the individuality customers seek.

Winning Plant-Forward Menus

Chefs around the world are putting more plants on the menu, no longer just as inventive sides and inspired small plates—as the main event. Entrees like cauliflower steaks, elegantly sautéed mushrooms, and flavorfully seasoned legumes are leading the way.

What's Trending in Fall Fruits

Meatier, heartier fall fruits are finding the spotlight on full-service restaurant menus this fall, transforming from dish accent to star. “The trend is lighter, healthier fall meals, like duck paired to sautéed persimmons,” says Maiki Le, executive chef at Los Angeles’ Upstairs 2.