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6 Stunning Savory Ice Creams for Summer

Nothing screams summer like ice cream, and now chefs are going above and beyond those traditional sweet flavors to incorporate spice, smoke, and other savory elements into the frozen treats. Think charred vegetables, exotic fruits, port wine, and more.

US Foods Satisfies the 'Discerning Diner' in Latest Scoop Lineup

Stacie Sopinka, the vice president of product development and innovation at US Foods, refers to it as “food court behavior.” Restaurant owners understand the theme all too well. Just because you’re a traditional Italian restaurant doesn’t mean everyone at the table wants pasta.

Forgotten to Fine Dining: Food Scraps Take Center Stage

Once an unsexy topic ushered to the sidelines, food waste is steadily moving into the limelight as chefs welcome the challenge of creating tasty dishes with scraps.In February, Balzac Wine Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, joined the legion of waste disruptors with a unique proposition: Every Sunday from 10 p.

Guests Stand Up for Steak at NYC's Ikinari

A Japanese restaurant focused on thick-cut steaks and standing dining has expanded to New York City with its first U.S. location, which opened in February.Ikinari Steak was born out of founder Kunio Ichinose’s idea to make high-quality, thick-cut steaks more affordable for diners.

The Essential Guide to Successful Restaurant Catering

Six months after opening her restaurant, Chef Amy Brandwein launched an off-site catering business. It was a good move. Now, catering constitutes 5 percent of Centrolina’s revenue, but that’s not why she started it.

East European Cuisine Comes to the American Heartland

After six years as owner and executive chef at Bear, the New York City establishment that won accolades for its inventive takes on classic dishes rooted in Russia and other Soviet-bloc countries, Natasha Pogrebinsky has returned to Cleveland to help restore Sterle’s Country House to its former grandeur—and with that, help propel a transformation of the largest Slovenian community outside of Ljubljana.

Why San Francisco is America's Gastronomic Paradise

Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. Those are the first words every chef shouts out loud and clear when asked what makes San Francisco a gastronomic paradise. Small wonder the city has more restaurants per capita than any other U.

The Secret Behind America's Steakhouse Renaissance

Steakhouses are enjoying a renaissance these days. These newer renditions still boast the clubby vibe, stiff cocktails, and giant steaks that made classic steakhouses famous, but restaurateurs are putting a more contemporary spin on the concepts and menus, and chefs are stamping their own signatures on classic dishes.

Imperial Lamian Introduces Chicago to The Next Ramen

Chefs are, arguably, masters of their culinary craft, but few call themselves specialists. Over the course of a career, a chef will often prepare a multitude of dishes and cuisines. At least that’s the case in the United States.

American Cuisine Enters a New Era of Creativity

We’re entering a new dawn of molecular cooking and creative American cuisine. Though well-versed in the tools and techniques that made the likes of Ferran Adrià, Grant Achatz, and Wylie Dufresne popular, many chefs have returned to their roots, incorporating some modern methods with more classical cooking foundations in order to put a new spin on ingredients and enhance flavors.

Two Iconic Restaurants Stage a Pop-Up Dinner for the Ages

When the idea came across Julian Niccolini’s desk, he wasn’t sure what to think. In New Orleans, isn’t the Creole cuisine served with a side of Creole? “When I got down there it was totally different,” says Niccolini, the co-owner of New York City’s famed Four Seasons restaurant.

Healthy Oils, Fats are on The Rise

Healthy oils and fats are trending, and the U.S. food industry might be butter—uh better—for it. For more than 30 years, there has been unrelenting advice from dietary guidelines to cut fat and saturated fat from the American diet.