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Food Safety

The Allergy Issue

When Matt Mitchell was four years old, his parents took him out one night to McDonald’s for a hamburger. But when he bit into it, he tasted cheese. For most people, getting the wrong order is, at worst, a nuisance.

Tech Startup Helps Retailers Stay ‘Alert’ with Food Safety

Several product recalls rocked the foodservice industry last year, throwing food safety to the top of both consumers’ and operators’ minds. The recent passage of the FDA Modernization Act, which gives more power to the FDA in recalling foods, further reminded the industry that food safety compliance is a priority for any foodservice retailer.

Kettle Cuisine Scores Food Safety Certification

Kettle Cuisine, maker of refrigerated and frozen premium soups, chilis, chowders, and stews in both bulk and single-serving formats, received Level 2 Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification from the SQF institute.

Food Sanitation Done Right

Food safety is always a prime consideration when it comes to protecting foodservice patrons and staff. However, putting an effective sanitation program in place requires more than simply washing the dishes and mopping the floor.

Chicken and Turkey Companies Keep it Safe

The first annual safety awards were presented during the 2010 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry, recognizing chicken and turkey companies that use safe practices.