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Health & Nutrition

Survey Reveals Eating Habits by Cuisine, City

The recession may have put a crimp in consumer spending, but most Americans are still letting the good times roll in restaurants, according to the results of the first LivingSocial “Dining Out” survey of consumer behavior.

Medical Insurance Rises in Hospitality Industry

Medical insurance costs are continuing to rise for hospitality industry employers across the country. The 2011 Compensation Data Hospitality survey results show companies reported an average premium increase of 9.

Toepener Prevents Germ Spread in Bathrooms

Many people are disgusted when it comes to touching the restroom door handle for fear of germs, bacteria, or anything else that may be on the familiar metallic surface. After washing their hands, many try the “paper towel wrap” or the “pinky grasp” to avoid touching the door handle before they return to touch their food.

Darden Supports Michelle Obama, Cuts Calories

Darden Restaurants Inc., operator of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster dining chains, agreed to work with the Partnership for a Healthier America to cut calories and salt in its meals.Darden will reduce calories and sodium by 10 percent in the next five years at its six different restaurant chains, Rich Jeffers, a company spokesman, said today in an interview.

Stay Healthy: Lodging Chains Put Nutrition on the Menu

The lodging industry recovers from an economic recession from the top down. High-end travelers return first, followed by business travelers. Dad, mom, the kids and the snorkels come back last.That may explain why the lodging industry focused first on improving amenities valued by frequent travelers as the recession eased.

Texas Restaurants, UnitedHealthcare Form Alliance

More than 37,000 Texas restaurant owners and operators now have access to health insurance and related products and services through the Restaurant Health Care Alliance, a joint project of the National Restaurant Association and UnitedHealthcare.

NRA Offers Sessions, Tips for Food Safety Month

The National Restaurant Association ( today announced a month-long initiative to encourage restaurant and foodservice operators to participate in the 17th Annual National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM) this September.

FDA Releases Employee Health, Hygiene Resource Disc

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is releasing the Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Interactive Resource Disc for use by foodservice establishments and retail food stores in preventing transmission of foodborne pathogens that are often transmitted by sick food employees.

Muscle Maker Grill Flexes to Add 16 Locations

Muscle Maker Grill, a chain of casual eateries that serves “great food with your health in mind,” announces plans to add 16 restaurants to its existing locations by the end of the year. This marks two years in a row of 100 percent growth in new unit openings for Muscle Maker Grill.

Play it Rice with K-12 Contest

September marks National Rice Month and the start of the USA Rice Federation’s annual “Healthy Rice Bowls Contest” for kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) school foodservice directors and menu planners.

Consumers Will Buy Invisibly Healthy Food

A new Culinary Visions Panel survey finds more evidence that casual restaurant diners are enticed by invisibly healthy menu items that sound delicious and indulgent. Chicago-based Olson Communications created 16 invisibly healthy menu concepts and asked consumers to rate how likely they would be to order each item.

Nestle Waters’ Campaign is Hooked on Health

Nestle Waters North America, on behalf of its six sparkling regional spring water brands – Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Poland Spring, and Zephyrhills – announced the findings from its recent survey.

How to Affordably Eat Healthy

The August 2011 issue of Health Affairs included a study leaving Americans wondering if they can afford to eat healthy. Produce Marketing Association (PMA) sheds some light on the issue and shares research pointing to fresh fruits and vegetables as a key to eating healthy on a budget.

Cheesecake Factory Walks a Thin Line

The Cheesecake Factory expands its offerings with a newlow calorie menu named SkinnyLicious.“We are very happy to introduce our new SkinnyLicious menu to our guests,” says David Overton, founder of The Cheesecake Factory.

Forbes Highlights Food Safety Company Ecolab

Ecolab Inc. has been named to Forbes magazine's "The World's Most Innovative Companies" list, which appears in the August 8 issue of Forbes. Ecolab ranks 28 out of 100 companies on the global list.