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AllergyEats Announces 2014 Conference

The 2014 AllergyEats Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs & Food Service Professionals: How to Maximize Safety and Increase Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Revenue is an event for restaurant chefs, owners, managers, college and university dining directors, and other foodservice professionals that strive to become more knowledgeable about accommodating food-allergic and gluten intolerant guests safely, comfortably, and profitably.

Cooking Schools Directory Highlights Healthy Substitutions, an online directory of culinary colleges, details how people can maintain a healthy lifestyle by periodically substituting certain foods for healthier options.According to the March 21 article posted on Lifehacker.

Chef Implements Kosher Kitchen at Hotel in Texas

A new chef and a new kitchen are bringing new meaning to fine dining in Richardson, Texas, as the Renaissance Dallas Richardson introduces Burak Ozcan as its new executive chef, and announces the hotel's move to add Kosher catering to its expansive list of event services.

Food News Media to Highlight Chains Making Healthy Efforts

Can chain restaurant food be healthy? Food News Media, the publisher of QSR and FSR magazines, award-winning business publications for the restaurant industry, has launched the HALO Awards, which seek to recognize and honor chain restaurants that are making meaningful contributions to a healthy, active lifestyle for consumers.

Paleo Trend Catches On

It only took about 2 million years, but the caveman’s diet is making a comeback.The paleo diet, as it’s known, emphasizes the foods humans ate in the Paleolithic era, such as fish, nuts, eggs, veggies, and grass-fed beef; eliminates grains; and limits dairy.

IHOP Inks Development Deal in Guam

DineEquity, Inc., parent company of Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar and IHOP Restaurants, announced that International House of Pancakes LLC has signed an agreement with Pacific Pancakes, LLC to open three IHOP restaurants on in Guam by 2018.

Gluten-Free is Healthy but Tastes Bad, Consumers Say

While only 11 percent of U.S. households follow a gluten-free diet, about one in four consumers feel that gluten-free is good for everyone, reports The NPD Group, a global information company.  However, the general healthfulness of gluten-free foods is offset, consumers say, by the high cost and taste of these foods, per NPD’s recently released "Understanding the Gluten-Free Trend" report.

Chef Secrets: Balancing Flavor and Nutrition

Focusing on flavor is one of the best health strategies in the kitchen. One of the things we teach our students is that food is really all about flavor, and if you sacrifice flavor just to make something healthy, no one is going to want to eat it.

Mobile Apps Identify Restaurants with Healthy Options

Healthy eating is a priority for a growing number of consumers, and the National Restaurant Association’s 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast reports seven out of 10 consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers healthy options.

NRA Show Highlights: Rooftop Gardens, Alternative Foods

There’s nothing unusual anymore about a chef or restaurant having a garden to provide herbs and veggies as food and drink ingredients. It’s a hyper-local aspect of the farm-to-table movement and its companion move toward better-for-you ingredients.

The Lighter Side of Italian

From casual to fine dining, the push to use local, fresh ingredients is spreading, with chefs incorporating the practice in a variety of cuisines. In southeast Michigan, Chef Luciano Del Signore is bringing this approach to Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina, for a menu that offers lighter, healthier, and more authentic Italian cuisine.

Diners Weigh In on Healthy Menus

Healthy, fresh, organic, low-calorie—these buzz words are inundating menus in chains and independent restaurants alike, all across the U.S. For instance, Cracker Barrel, which has locations up and down the nation’s interstates, introduced its Wholesome Fixin’s menu in September, hoping to capture the market on low-calorie Southern cooking.

How Restaurants Can Educate Consumers on Protein

To learn about the recommended daily intake of protein, consumers rely on health websites, doctors, and food labels, according to the NPD Group. But the barrage of sources has not created a more educated group of diners; 71 percent are still unsure of the actual amount of protein the need.