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April 2017

Restaurants are Actually (Very) Optimistic About the Future

Gloomy forecasts aren’t hard to find these days. But don’t tell that to the restaurateurs on the front lines.Toast Restaurant POS released its “Restaurant Success in 2017 Industry Report,” a study that compiled data from 450 operators representing all segments of the industry, and came away with a unique take in today’s foodservice world: a sense of optimism.

The Melting Pot Lifts the Financial Burden Off Franchisees

The Melting Pot is removing the financial burden off potential franchisees with a program that allows them to invest as little as 5 percent into the purchase of a restaurant. Called “Path to Grow,” the program allows the franchisor to provide up to 95 percent of the financing in the form of a loan to the franchise partner to allow them to acquire the location.