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April 2017

The 5 Most Outlandish Drinks in North America

For many in the restaurant biz, summertime means open patios, extended hours, out-of-town visitors, lighter menu items, and extra cool libations. Menu innovators seem especially smitten by that last one.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ True Challenge: The Chicken Wing

Buffalo Wild Wings shouldn’t be worried about activist investors, it should be concerned with chicken wing prices.Although the brand reported increases in sales and revenue for the first quarter of 2017, the chicken brand faces challenges in its cost of sales.

What if All Restaurants Committed to Meatless Monday?

For several weeks I’ve had a preview copy of The Reducetarian Solution on my desk. More importantly, I’ve had the book’s topic—“How the surprisingly simple act of reducing the amount of meat in your diet can transform your health and the planet”—on my mind.

Fixing a Fractured Restaurant Supply Chain

Despite all the major advances in supply chain management and technology in recent years, most restaurants and their suppliers still don’t have a single, unified, real-time view of supply and demand when working together in an extended enterprise.

Outback Carries Bloomin’ Brands to Positive First Quarter

Bloomin’ Brands made “significant progress,” in the first quarter, CEO Liz Smith said in a conference call Wednesday, giving a nod to the casual dining company’s current initiatives as well as what she believes can be an exciting tailwind for an industry that has experienced consistent traffic declines in recent years.

Restaurants are Actually (Very) Optimistic About the Future

Gloomy forecasts aren’t hard to find these days. But don’t tell that to the restaurateurs on the front lines.Toast Restaurant POS released its “Restaurant Success in 2017 Industry Report,” a study that compiled data from 450 operators representing all segments of the industry, and came away with a unique take in today’s foodservice world: a sense of optimism.

Chili’s Nixing LTOs for a Simplified Menu

With another declining quarter of comparable restaurant sales, Chili’s is turning to guest convenience and a simplified menu to attract guests.Same-restaurant sales were down 2.3 percent for Q3, and company sales were down 2 percent to $689.

The Melting Pot Lifts the Financial Burden Off Franchisees

The Melting Pot is removing the financial burden off potential franchisees with a program that allows them to invest as little as 5 percent into the purchase of a restaurant. Called “Path to Grow,” the program allows the franchisor to provide up to 95 percent of the financing in the form of a loan to the franchise partner to allow them to acquire the location.

Inside The Daring World of Multi-Sensory Dining

At 6:58 p.m. six couples hover nervously outside the windowless Black Hole restaurant in Cancun. There are giggles, witty comments, a whole lot of “what is going to happen next” swimming in the balmy air.

Darden's Purchase of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is Now Complete

Darden Restaurants, Inc. announced on April 24 that it has completed the acquisition of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen (Cheddar's) for $780 million in an all-cash transaction from its stockholders including private equity firms L Catterton and Oak Investment Partners.

Survey: Restaurant Tips Down as Minimum Wage Climbs

To say minimum wage is a hot-button issue in the restaurant industry would be a comical understatement. While it is rather (extremely) difficult to predict this current administration, it seems unlikely that any wage increase will be take place on a federal level.