August 2017

How Baran’s 2239 Became a Strip Mall Superpower

Baran’s 2239Opened: March 2016Location: Hermosa Beach, CaliforniaOwners: Jonathan and Jason Baran and Tyler GugliottaAverage check: $35–$50Description: Cuisines collide in this modest Hermosa Beach establishment with subtle nods to a family legacy.

Inside Milwaukee's Ardent: The Quality-of-Life Restaurant

Even the best-intentioned critics called Justin Carlisle stupid.“When you fail, we’ll have a job for you.”“How will you make enough money to survive?”Carlisle figured they might be right. But there was a more pressing issue nagging him.

Lake Lawn Resort Delivers Culinary Excellence Across Generations

At the 130-year-old Lake Lawn Resort on Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva, Chef David Ross has spent the last two decades of his career—or, as he says, “seven or eight chef lifetimes”— developing a well-oiled machine that families visit year after year, generation after generation.

Red Lobster's Crabfest Serves Up The 'Deadliest Catch'

For 12 seasons, Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” has been one of TV’s most popular shows, regularly averaging about 3 million viewers per episode.Anyone who’s watched the show knows there’s much more to crab fishing than simply throwing a crab pot in the water.

These Tips Will Make You Want to Ferment

The age-old process of using the yeasts and bacteria around us to create depth of flavor in ingredients has been increasingly adopted in menus across the country. For chefs, bakers, and brewers, fermented products—from rutabagas to rye loaves—can add a new dimension to an existing dish or provide an entire platform for a business.

5 Ways to Reduce Labor Costs

While businesses strive to increase revenue in a competitive market, the cost of labor continues to rise. According to a recent survey of U.S. businesses with hourly workers, increasing profit margins was the top business challenge, yet nearly half of respondents said they didn’t feel in control of their profit margins.

Restaurant Sales Crash in July

July cooked any optimism the restaurant industry might have felt from a promising June. Same-store sales dropped 2.8 percent across the landscape, a significant 1.8 percentage point decline from the previous month, when traffic and sales reached their best marks since 2016.

Two BWW Operators Give Wing to Disadvantaged Youths

At a cursory glance, Karim Webb and Edward Barnett’s approach to employee retention is straightforward and not unlike other restaurant owners: Invest in your people, and your people will invest in your business.

Applebee's: 135 Restaurants Could Close in 2017

DineEquity’s earnings per share and revenue beat analyst estimates Thursday, but it came with the news that flagship brand Applebee’s will shutter up to 135 restaurants in fiscal 2017. This expectation from the company, which also operates IHOP, is more than three times the lower end of its first-quarter range of 40–60 restaurants.

3 Big Advancements Are Changing the Way Restaurants Do Business

Technology has solidified its role as an integral part of the restaurant experience. Innovative restaurant tech is eliminating customers’ pain points and keeping diners coming back for more. And while in-person visits to restaurants are declining, electronic orders have tripled over the last five years.

Is Red Robin Making a Comeback?

When sales and traffic turned negative for Red Robin in the fourth quarter of 2015, the casual dining chain looked to its most loyal guests for answers. Research within its Red Robin Royalty base showed four major concerns: Speed and quality of service; value perception; ineffective advertising; and, lastly, the absence of carryout and delivery.

Wisdom from NOLA’s King of Contemporary Cajun Cuisine

In 2012, Chef Toups and his wife, Amanda, opened Toups’ Meatery, featuring modern Cajun cuisine. In October, they opened Toups South in New Orleans’ Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Here, he’s “broadening out to all of the South, everything from East Texas barbecue to South Carolina she-crab.