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February 2018

Applebee’s, IHOP Report Beginning of Growth Under New Strategy

DineEquity Inc., the parent company of Applebee’s and IHOP, reported signs of encouraging positive sales and traffic performance in a Feb. 20 earnings call recapping the fourth quarter of 2017. DineEquity also announced the rebranding of its company name to Dine Brands Global Inc.

Cody's Original Roadhouse Preps for Florida Takeover

One of the great things about scaling a restaurant concept in Florida is it can mirror nationwide expansion at times. Jacksonville and Tampa; Orlando and Ocala. Forget markets—these cities almost feel like different countries.

How Philly Brewer Dave Goldman is Building a Craft Empire

When Dave Goldman finds something he’s passionate about, his first instinct is to run with it. Take his career in the foodservice industry. After starting out at a high-end grocery store at the ripe age of 11, Goldman went on to work in pizza shops, major in hotel and restaurant management at the University of Delaware, and become a partner at Italian Bistro, a concept with a smattering of locations across the Philadelphia area—all before graduating from college.

5 Tips for Remodeling Your Restaurant

Greg and Gabi Denton knew it was time.Late last fall, the Portland, Oregon–based restaurant power couple, winners of the 2017 James Beard Foundation’s Best Chefs of the Northwest honor, announced they would be closing SuperBite, their not-quite-two-year-old concept dishing big umami bites, on December 31.

A Revitalized Denny's Surges Into the New Year

Denny’s began 2017 on rocky footing, just like most of its casual-dining peers. But widespread upgrades, especially on the digital front, helped the brand bounce back and keep its positive sales streak in tact.

How Restaurants Can Personalize the Customer Experience

It’s been an up-and-down year for the restaurant industry. While household names like McDonald’s are experiencing a resurgence, fast casual and casual dining restaurants are struggling with falling traffic, forcing some chains to scramble simply to stay competitive.

Famous Dave’s CFO Dexter Newman to Resign in March

Dexter Newman, the chief financial officer of Famous Dave’s of America, will step down from his position on March 5, the company announced Monday in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.“The company and its board of directors wishes to express sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr.

Should You Open a Fast Casual?

Even as momentum has slowed in the fast-casual sector, full-service operators and chefs continue to enter the quick-service fray en masse. Some want a crack at becoming the next Shake Shack or Sweetgreen, attracting investors and big potential profits.

White Wine is Ready for its Moment

The world has changed since the days when servers could rely on the adage that what grows together goes together. It was easy to pair Italian wine with Italian food and French wines with French food, but in a world of increased interest in other cuisines—as well as vegetable-driven dishes—wine pairings have become a bit trickier.

Red Lobster Hits its Stride at 50

It isn’t every day a restaurant brand turns 50. Red Lobster doesn’t consider itself your everyday restaurant, either. It made sense then for the casual-dining leader to roll out a sweepstakes that was anything but ordinary to mark the occasion.