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February 2018

January Freezes Sales Momentum for Restaurants

January froze some of the restaurant industry’s recent sales momentum, but it might not be time to sound the alarm just yet. TDn2K’s latest The Restaurant Industry Snapshot, which gathers data from weekly sales of more than 30,000 restaurant units and 170-plus brands, showed same-store sales declines of 0.

How Restaurants Can Root Out Sexual Harassment

Beginning with Hollywood and then moving into politics, media, and tech, allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment have prompted an uproar as the nation grapples with a deep-rooted but often avoided topic.

10 Tips to Lower Your Restaurant's Water Bill

According to the EPA, water used in restaurants/foodservice account for about 15 percent of the total water used in all commercial and institutional facilities in the U.S.  Here is a breakdown of the usage by area:52 percent: Kitchen/dishwashing31 percent: Domestic/Restroom12 percent: Other4 percent: Landscaping4 percent: OtherAnd, according to Powerhouse Dynamics, “a typical sit-down restaurant uses an average of about 5,800 gallons of water per day.

How Yana Gilbuena is Hacking the Restaurant Business

Yana Gilbeuna might pop into your town for a week or so sometime soon. She calls it crashing. It’s like couch-surfing, but for chefs. The 34-year-old chef packs light, but her cooking packs a punch. The SALO Series pop-ups create a meal unlike any other.

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Beverage Menu

When Cowlaboration #8 dropped last December, Luke Shimp could only smile.The owner of Red Cow, a four-unit, Minneapolis-based chain, Shimp knew the company’s latest collaboration with a local brewery—a ruby-red cranberry sour developed with nearby Indeed Brewing Company—represented the continuation of an innovative endeavor that has propelled Red Cow’s marketplace standing and performance.

Arby's Plans to Keep Buying Chains After Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is just the first piece of a potential restaurant empire. Arby’s Restaurant Group’s $2.9 billion deal, which closed Monday, will signal the beginning of Inspire Brands Inc., chief executive Paul Brown told The Wall Street Journal.

Life After Top Chef: Catching Up with 5 Former Contestants

Bravo! TV’s hit show “Top Chef” has had an enormous effect on the way food, cooking, and chefs are perceived in both the public and the restaurant industry. Much like the Food Network “glamorized” food and cooking, “Top Chef” has glamorized the life of a chef and helped turn dozens of professionals into nationwide celebrity chefs.

'Top Chef' Taught Chef Kevin Gillespie How to Trust His Instincts

As a “Top Chef” contestant, Kevin Gillespie became known for his red beard (now the inspiration for his restaurant group name), warm personality, and all-around likeability. He placed third in the show’s sixth season (losing to Michael Voltaggio), but no matter; he has since opened popular restaurants Gunshow in Atlanta and Revival in Decatur, Georgia.

John Tesar: 'Top Chef' Made Me a Better Person

Tesar rebounded from an early cut in Season 10 to place in the top three of “Top Chef” Season 14, which aired last year. He was portrayed in a much more subdued light the second time around; in his first season, Tesar was known for fiery rants and in-fighting.

Shareholders Stump J. Alexander’s Merger with Ninety Nine

A special meeting of shareholders appears to have ended the proposed merger of J. Alexander’s and Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub. Shareholders voted down the deal, the company announced Thursday, saying it “expects that the merger agreement will be terminated.

Heather Terhune Learned How to Take Risks from 'Top Chef'

After going head-to-head on “Top Chef” with six other chefs from Chicago when she was the executive chef of Sable Kitchen & Bar, Terhune came home to a much busier restaurant than before.READ MORE: Catching up with five former "Top Chef" contestants.