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February 2019

Yours Truly: The Best Industry Events for Women

I have been recently ecstatic about the release of FSR’s February 2019 issue that’s chock full of features on the restaurant industry’s leading ladies. But when a friend asked me recently for the best industry events to attend for women in the biz, I was stumped.

Why Refranchising is the Key to Denny's Success

A combination of refranchising, remodeling, and promising off-premises sales resulted in a positive fourth quarter and end-of-the-year finish for Denny’s.For the eighth consecutive year in a row, Denny’s reported positive same-store sales growth.

How Plant-Based Menu Items Meet Demand and Drive Profits

Plant-based proteins—with more sustainable and healthier claims—are appearing on full-service plates not only due to guest demand, but because chefs are willing to part with animal proteins of the past to embrace experimentation in a plant-forward future.

Rewriting New York Pizza History

After more than a century and countless articles and books covering the topic, the history of New York pizza is changing.“In 2010, I was writing about the genealogy of pizza families in Chicago, when I decided that it was only fair to include New York’s Gennaro Lombardi pizza history.

Create Stunning Libations With Floral Scents, Flavors

While garnishes remain by far the most popular use of florals, bartenders are increasingly employing them to provide flavors and aromas. “When you’re putting in the time and effort into a cocktail, it should be a multilevel experience,” says Brian McDougall, head bartender at Boston’s Envoy Hotel.

How Dave & Buster's Inspires Employees in the Millennial Age

Quality over quantity: it’s an age-old adage regurgitated frequently enough to deafen most ears it falls upon.Expansion should never come at the price of performance, but it’s all too easy to once-over an exponential growth curve and conclude, “that’s a healthy company,” ignoring what’s frequently being left on the table in the rush to scale.

How Daphne Cheng’s Vegan Dishes Satisfy Carnivores

In recent years, especially in larger cities, a vegan renaissance has taken hold. Vegetables, grains, and legumes are taking center stage in dishes instead of meat-like substitutes. The emphasis for this new veganism is on whole-food eating, as opposed to making a processed soy product masquerade as a chicken cutlet.

Pineapples and Other Pizza Controversies

Pasta? Prolific. Chicken Parm? Popular. Gelato? Perfetto.But still, it’s not pizza.Of the many Italian dishes that Americans have incorporated into stateside cuisine, none is as beloved—and omnipresent—as the humble pizza pie.

As Sales Stabilize, Restaurants Face Staffing Challenges

The surface-level stats are promising. January’s same-store sales of 2 percent—the same as December—marked the best two months for restaurants in more than two years, according to TDn2K’s latest Restaurant Industry Snapshot.

The Timeless Tex-Mex Brand Taking Over Texas

Tex-Mex is a growing segment in the restaurant industry. While new concepts selling tacos, margaritas, and queso are popping up across the South, there is one brand in particular that has spent the last three and a half decades growing and dominating the Tex-Mex scene in Texas.

5 Ways to Rekindle the Restaurant Romance this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to romance, it’s fair to say the Italians know a thing or due. In fact, Italian eateries accounted for nearly 25 percent of Yelp’s recent list of 100 Most Romantic Restaurants.“A romantic evening is set by details so subtle and well-executed that everything except your companion fades away,” says Valentina Imbrenda, co-owner of Nonna Beppa in New York City.

Cornering the Italian Market

There’s nothing new about the combination of a restaurant and grocery in the U.S., which often begins as a delicatessen and then expands into something more. It’s a concept that’s been employed by Italian- and other immigrant-owned stores nationwide.

IHOP Launches First-Of-Its Kind Product to Celebrate Delivery Milestone

Pancakes the size of pizza? In honor of National Pizza Day on February 9, IHOP teamed up with DoorDash to bring guests a pizza-sized breakfast dish— the Pancizza.“We pride ourselves in partnering with the best restaurants in the country to create unique, memorable delivery offerings for our customers,” said Christopher Payne, chief operating officer at DoorDash, in a statement.

Applebee's Gives To-Go a Starring Role in New Campaign

Right from the moment president John Cywinski joined Applebee’s last March, the brand took to the marketing front. Yes, there were issues with franchisee profitability and unit-level economics, and the chain’s nearly 2,000-unit base was ripe for retraction, but Applebee’s had another problem in need of quick remedy.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Director of Culture

The restaurant world is not a place for the fainthearted. The demands of customer service, grueling physical work, and often-chaotic atmosphere can frazzle even the coolest, most collected individuals.