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February 2019

Breaking with Tradition

Few cuisines can start a heated debate faster than Italian food. Restaurant review sites are full of comments containing the words “authentic,” or “not authentic.”Some online reviews we’ve seen addressing authenticity in Italian restaurants include:“Not as tasty as calamari at authentic Italian spots.

Get the Most Out of Your Lease Agreement

Location, location, location. Whether a restaurant is opening store No. 1 or 51, finding the right spot is one of the first steps toward success. But beyond finding that magical location at the corner of Main and Main, restaurants must also perform their due diligence—possibly with the help of an attorney—to secure the terms, conditions, and, yes, rent that will put the operation in good standing from the very start.

Liven Up the Wine Menu with Sips from South Africa

Winemaking in South Africa dates back to the 1650s when Jan van Riebeeck planted vines from France, the Rhineland, and Spain on his farm in the Cape. The country’s winegrowing region is concentrated in the southwestern tip of the country in the Western Cape province, home to some of the oldest viticultural soils in the world with rich biodiversity and unique maritime winds, thanks to its location where the warm Indian Ocean and cold Atlantic meet.