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January 2017

Mead Rising: Inside The Next Big Craft Movement

Craft beer is exploding across the country, with bars and restaurants exceedingly adding to their selections as brewers revive old styles and get creative with recipes.As beer’s growth continues, other alcoholic beverages are joining the ride, expanding consumer palates with new flavors and ingredients.

A NYC Restaurant That Brings Healthy Drinking to Life

When opening up a vegan restaurant in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, one must consider how it would fit into the area steeped in cultural history and diverse cuisine. Home to a large percentage of Dominicans, the neighborhood’s restaurants have exhibited this culture—from bakeries and chicken joints to roadside stands and carts offering everything from sliced mangoes to chicharrones.

The Overtime Work Rule is on Hold—Now What?

Whether you voted blue, red, or otherwise, hourly workers and employers are anxious to see what changes the new administration will make and how these changes may affect our industry. And while we can’t be totally sure what the next four years will actually bring, we do know one thing: change is coming.

Chefs Raise Money, Awareness at DC's Capital Food Fight

Spike Mendelsohn understands the responsibility better than most. Over the course of his career, he has competed on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” hosted the channel's "Kitchen Sink," and appeared on “The Rachel Ray Show,” among other marquee events.

The Hybrid Model of Success

The lines between restaurant categories used to be distinct; customers could choose among quick-service, casual-dining, and fine-dining restaurants with clear expectations for what each experience might hold.

Danny Meyer's Parental Leave Plan Goes Into Action

Danny Meyer is at it again. His Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) has been an industry pioneer, from eliminating tips and raising wages to offering benefits like insurance and paid time-off. Now, as a national debate ensues around maternity and paternity leave, USHG once again takes the lead.

Quick and Easy Tom Kha Gai Soup

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley recently introduced Ginger Sour, expanding its product line of purees and specialties to 41 premium flavors for culinary, pastry and beverage applications.Ginger Sour is a delectable blend of ginger, key lime, and lemon juices, and delivers the perfect balance of warm ginger notes and vibrant citrus tartness.

Exploring the Bounty of Winter Citrus

There’s something magical about winter citrus. More now than at any other time of year citrus grown in warmer climates has begun to peak, evoking sweeter, juicier flesh and bright, colorful peels. “Winter citrus is different from year-round citrus because it is much more varied,” says Carrie Nahabedian, chef/owner of NAHA and Brindille in Chicago.

Kathy Anderson Gives Nashville a Taste of Old Hollywood

Nashville’s downtown scene features plenty of lively honky-tonk bars and creative independent restaurants, but according to interior designer Kathy Anderson, there has been one element missing from the vibrant city: a fancy destination where people can go for special nights.

Brûléed Blueberry Moscow Mule

With so much industry attention being focused on unique beer flavors, it's no wonder that these bold brews are also being used to make trendy cocktails. The Moscow Mule, which features ginger beer, is one of the fasted growing beverages in the industry and boasts increased menu penetration of more than 47 percent among restaurants serving alcohol, according to Datassential research.