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January 2019

How Chris Cosentino Went From TV to His Own Restaurants

Imagine the scene—you’re in a bar having a drink preparing for one of the biggest moments of your life: Your first appearance on Iron Chef America. Across the bar you hear someone describing a person who sounds like you—a San Francisco chef who will face off with Mario Batali.

Yours Truly: How to Feed an Angry Italian

One look at my last name and you’ll see I have full rights to address the issue at hand—the Twitter account called Italians Mad at Food. And let me tell you, I identify. Mannaggia! (This is my aunt’s favorite Italian expression of curses.

The Next Iteration of Family Style

Like much of the world, family-style eating in Italy is a way of life: Loved ones gathered around a hulking roast, heaping plate of pasta or whole grilled fish flanked by simple sides. If the past decade of shared-plates mania across the U.

How Maggiano’s Wins Casual Italian

Chili’s may have stolen the spotlight during Brinker International’s quarterly earnings call this week, but Maggiano’s consistent performance illustrates why so-called Americanized basics still win in the Italian category.

Moving to a POS System: 4 Tips Your Staff Should Know

These days almost all restaurants use point-of-sale systems. Even if your restaurant doesn’t, you should consider a point-of-sale system as a great potential next step toward a positive future.While most POS system software providers provide some type of training with the software, the truth remains that not everyone in the restaurant knows how the system works.

Chili's Reinvests Big in Operations and Labor

One of the biggest factors driving Chili’s recent traffic boom is refined operations. That was a key component of the Brinker chain’s decision to slash 40 percent of its menu about a year ago.Guests recognize consistency and improvements.

Chili's Enjoys Best Traffic in Over a Decade

Chili’s second quarter, which wrapped December 26, marked the one-year anniversary of its “traffic-focus strategy.” The early results? The Brinker flagship, over the past two periods, just turned in its best back-to-back traffic trends in 12 years.

Only One Cheeseburger in Paradise Remains

Luby’s reported another tough quarter January 28, with sales and traffic sliding at its three brands. And one of them—the eclectic Cheeseburger in Paradise—has been reduced to a single unit in New Jersey.

Golden Corral’s New Prototype Propels Brand into the Future

In order to keep up with the growing competition and draw a younger crowd, Golden Corral is undergoing the company’s largest redesign yet as it aims to revamp the look and feel of its restaurants.When the 46-year-old company unveiled its refined, modern look last year the initial response was “overwhelmingly positive,” Golden Corral president and CEO Lance Trenary told FSR recently at the company’s Raleigh, North Carolina, headquarters.

A Look Into the Legacy of Experiential Dining

With a history spanning 60 years and more than 70 restaurants, Specialty Restaurants Corporation continues to find a viable recipe for success through its many iterations, ranging from Tiki bars to fine dining.

Why Better Wine Means Better Sales

New year, new wine menu. Whether it’s because all the bubbles are gone, the staff has grown bored, or the same wine keeps getting ordered over and over again, every wine menu needs the occasional revamp.

Tom's Urban is Out to Reimagine the Eatertainment Segment

The term “eatertainment,” often conjures up images of arcades, bowling alleys, bocce courts, and golf clubs. But Tom’s Urban views the experiential-dining experience through a different lens. In an industry where many bar and grill chains can’t get the TVs off the walls fast enough, Tom’s Urban is taking the reverse course: Give guests “screen play” they can’t ignore.

Yours Truly: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Many mythological creatures tell us that two heads, or more, are better than one. Janus of Roman mythology could look both forward and backward with two faces. In the business world, and an eye toward the future and a reverence for lessons of the past create a balance for healthy success.