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July 2017

How BJ's Restaurants is Tackling 'Tall Industry Challenges'

BJ’s Restaurants was off to a strong second quarter before mid-May arrived. That’s when business started to soften and “tall industry challenges” weighed down the casual dining chain, which has seen its same-store sales decline for five straight quarters.

Buffalo Wild Wings is Banking on Boneless

Continually plagued by increasing traditional wing prices, Buffalo Wild Wings is going boneless.While the brand’s half-price Wing Tuesday has driven traffic to locations, historically high wing costs have lowered restaurant margins.

'Historically High' Wings Cripple Sales at Buffalo Wild Wings

Predications of a rough second-quarter review for Buffalo Wild Wings crashed into reality Wednesday afternoon, with the chicken-wing chain reporting “disappointing” results and negative same-store sales that brought yet even more questions bubbling to the surface.

Why Buy Clean Label Products?

Three-quarters of all U.S. consumers are making choices based on what they read on labels and what information is being provided to them via the media and other information outlets. They distrust products that include artificial and unfamiliar ingredients, according to Innova Market Insights.

The Queen of Barbecue Fires Up Another Showstopper

Melissa Cookston likes to play with fire. “In a former life, I must have been a pyro because anything dealing with flames, I’m all in. Servers will say, ‘If you open that kitchen door wide enough, you’ll probably see her back there on that wood-fired grill because she loves charring things; she’s got those flames leaping up pretty high,’” she says.