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March 2018

Spiaggia's Dynamic Duo is Ready to Rule Chicago's Dining Scene

Joe Flamm likes to joke he’s a VIP by association in Chicago’s big-league restaurant world. “She’ll ask me, ‘How’d you get in there?’ I told them I know you,” Flamm says.He’s referring to Rachael Lowe, the 38-year-old beverage director of Windy City institution Spiaggia, and the other half of one of Chicago’s most exciting culinary duos.

After Conquering Florida, Quality-Driven Duffy’s is Ready for More

Jason Emmett says that to this day, 17 years since his father, Paul, purchased Duffy’s Draft House, fans still claim one location or another as their Duffy’s.For many, although the restaurant underwent a name change—to Duffy’s Sports Grill—plus a face-lift before booming to 34 locations across Florida, the connection to the chain is still personal.

Can Mexican Chains Keep Pace with the Health-Conscious Movement?

Who could resist sitting down to a chicken burrito filled with cheese, rice and beans, a scrumptious quesadilla or delectable nachos topped off with a margarita? Sit-down Mexican chains such as On the Border, Abuelo’s, Cantina Laredo, and Uncle Julio’s, to name a few, have been capitalizing on satiating consumer preferences for tasty Mexican food for decades, which has led to expansion in many cases.

Inside LA's Innovative Plant-Based Pub

The team behind Beelman’s is nothing if not bold. As if overhauling a solid burgers-and-wings menu at the downtown Los Angeles spot in favor of all-in vegan pub food was not gutsy enough, Chef Caroline Concha has also peppered the restaurant’s new dishes with assertive Asian flavors.

40 Under 40: Restaurant Stars on the Rise

Chefs, owners, bartenders—some barely in their 30s—fill this year’s list of Rising Stars, the folks to watch in 2018. This list shows stars can be born anywhere, in as expected a place as under the tutelage of Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin or, quite the opposite, washing dishes in a family restaurant or taking a job bussing tables just to break into the industry.

How Waffle House Started a Movement

Since at least 2010, people on Twitter have been tagging their Waffle House adventures with #wafflehome, but it was in January that the concept truly picked up steam. The tweet that started it off was retweeted more than 32,000 times and received almost 120,000 likes, with many responses adding the #wafflehome tag that was absent in the original tweet.