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March 2019

Nominate an Emerging Brand for the FSR 50

Every August, FSR releases its signature report of 50 restaurant brands to watch: The FSR 50. In recent years the list has taken on the tilt of highlighting emerging brands with 50 or fewer locations and growing fast.

How Restaurants Can Win the Next Wave of Off-Premises

Ten or so years ago, pizza parlors and Chinese restaurants delivered food, and most other full-service eateries didn’t. Now? “The masses want home delivery, not just a few people who want convenience,” says Bruce Reinstein, partner at Chicago, Illinois-based Kinetic 12, a foodservice consulting firm.

Your Bar's Secret to Attracting Millennials: Self-Serve Beverages

Millennials are a sought-after target market in the hospitality industry, thanks to their estimated spending power of $200 billion per year and tendency to eat out five times a week, on average. A majority of millennials 21 and up also report spending time at bars at least once a week, whereas older generations are less than half as likely to frequent drinking establishments.

Making Post-Michelin Moves

Last October, Washington, D.C., restaurateur and chef Nick Stefanelli gifted District residents with Officina, a three-floor trattoria, café, and market. The name, which translates to “workshop,” deftly describes the venture, which marries craft and creativity in various outlets.

Do Your POP Displays Measure Up?

One of the most under-utilized tools in restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores are point-of-purchase displays, more commonly referred to as POP displays. POP displays can attract customers’ attention with eye-catching graphics, creative fonts, and vivid colors to entice customers to make last-minute purchases at their time of checkout.

Why are So Many Restaurants Going Bankrupt?

In recent months and years, the restaurant industry has seen its share of bankruptcies, including, but not limited to, filings from Bertucci’s, Logan’s Roadhouse, Real Mex Restaurants, fast casual Noon Mediterranean, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scotty’s Brewhouse, Ruby’s Diner, and Iron Chef Jose Garces.

How Plant-Based Can Balance Brews

Bar food has a reputation: meaty, heavy, fried, and no utensils needed. Vegetables usually don’t come to mind, unless it’s the celery stick idling by the chicken wings. However, according to a keynote report by food industry market research group Datassential, almost a third of its surveyed consumers are limiting or eliminating meat from their diets.

Quaker Steak & Lube Chats Social Media Strategy, and the Power of World-Class Service

Since 2017, Bruce Lane has served as VP of operations and franchise services for Quaker Steak & Lube. Serving more than 30 million wings annually, with bottled sauces for retail sale, and winning the title of “Best Wings USA,” I wanted to know more about the successful marketing behind the Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant chain, which has 40-plus locations across the U.

Drop the Check, Keep the Guests

During a recent trip to Japan, Julian Hakim experienced something new while staying three nights at the posh Aman Hotel Tokyo.When he went to breakfast, he didn’t see a check.When he completed dinner, he didn’t see a check.

Customization Concept Stacked Builds a Plan for Growth

Since Chipotle arrived on the scene, customization has become a major factor in the fast-casual and quick-service industry. However, in the full-service space, it hasn’t caught on quite as quickly. Chefs craft menus from carefully selected ingredients, and a substitution could throw off the flavor of a dish.

Supporting the Solo Diner

I saw some data recently that suggests solo guests, both for dine-in and carry out, are a large emerging market segment. Why? There’s a lot of speculation based on some societal trends—many people find themselves divorced or waiting longer to get married, most of us are on the run between places to be and need a quick bite, we don’t mind dining alone since our faces are buried in our phones anyway, and as the world becomes more convenient around us we find that dining alone is just easier.

US Foods Incorporates Organic Food into Spring Product Lineup

In an effort to introduce restaurant owners, operators, and diners to sustainable options, US Foods continues to develop its Serve Good product line. Since launching in 2016 with 21 products, the line of sustainable products has grown rapidly and now offers operators more than 350 food and non-food options.

The Italian Import Conquering Upscale Casual

Chains that get their start overseas and grow to expand in the U.S. are few and far between. So when Piola took a chance and opened its first store in the U.S., it was kind of a big deal.Today, the 33-year-old upscale casual Italian pizza concept based in Italy, boasts a dozen U.