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March 2019

5 Ways Women are Changing the Restaurant Industry

Since mid-2017, women have come into the spotlight as one of the biggest disrupting factors in the restaurant industry—disruption in the sense that they’re completely changing the game. Based on our recent coverage of women to watch in the industry, here are just a few examples of how, some penned by me, others penned by one of our freelancers, Juliet Izon.

Four Female Leaders to Watch

In Italy, International Women’s Day is marked by street vendors selling bright yellow mimosa flowers, which are exchanged between couples and friends. March 8 signals a country-wide celebration of women and their contributions to society.

7 Tips for Winning the Pasta Game

Consumers crave good food, good prices, and convenience. Restaurateurs have been trying for years to make pasta fast-casual eateries take off in the same way pizza and Tex-Mex have. Unfortunately, they’ve been fighting an uphill battle.

Mario Batali Completes Divestment of All Restaurant Shares

Mario Batali’s 20-year partnership with the Bastianich family is officially over. The New York Times reported Wednesday the family bought out Batali’s shares in the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group and took over his financial stake in the company.

Making Pay-What-You-Can Work for Your Restaurant

One year into business, A Place at the Table in Raleigh, North Carolina, is fielding requests to open more locations in more cities, but general manager Maggie Kane says that’s just not possible.“It doesn’t quite work like that,” she says.

Innovation Drives Progress at Famous Dave's

Famous Dave’s began 2018 on a high note. Last May, the barbecue chain reported net income of $998,000 in the first quarter, which was a welcome change from the $1.4 million loss it swung in the year-ago period.

How Medicinal Cocktails Built a Restaurant’s Buzz

The concept of a medicinal cocktail is nothing new, but the Traditional Chinese Medicine cocktail menu at Tiger Fork in Washington, D.C., goes way beyond the hot toddy. In fact, there’s not a hot toddy in sight.

Buffalo Wild Wings' Comeback Appears Very Real

One of the benefits of going private, from the company's perspective at least, is the ability to control the narrative. You’re not tied to reporting quarterly earnings in front of investors each period.

DOL Poised to Increase Overtime Threshold to $35,000

A new proposal from the U.S. Department of Labor could be unveiled soon that would allow salaried restaurant employees making less than $35,000 annually to become eligible for overtime pay, according to Bloomberg Law.

Cracker Barrel Finds Footing with Off-Premises

Cracker Barrel is settling into the new age of casual dining where off-premises offerings are just as important to some guests as dine-in options. The 659-unit chain is benefiting from the expansion of this segment and looking for ways to grow.

Why Noah Sandoval Leads the 2019 Rising Stars

As far as rising stars go, it would seem Noah Sandoval has already made it. He’s achieved three Michelin stars in his career so far, two of them at his restaurant Oriole, which opened in March 2016.Now, as a partner in another project with friend Julia Momose, he is starting his journey as a rising restaurateur, but his path to this success was not always so easy, as his tough-on-himself mentality has propelled his career forward.

Culinary Creatives

Have chefs always been the resident creatives in restaurants? Since social media happened, they’ve had to make room for another breed of culinary creatives—the digital kind. In this year’s list of Rising Stars, we’re calling them Art + Craft and in today’s business world, you really can’t live without them.