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May 2019

Ordering and Invoicing 101 for Restaurants

If you own or manage a restaurant, what’s your most important food management technology?Building the best food recipes? Promoting your amazing food and restaurant on Facebook? What about controlling your kitchen’s food inventory?It’s the least sexy part of being a chef or managing a kitchen program, but without efficient inventory, ordering and invoicing controls and processes behind the scenes, it’s difficult to run a successful restaurant.

Can Meal Kits Work In Full-Service?

Chuck Sillari remembers the first time he looked at a meal kit box. He saw a tomato wrapped in bubble wrap and a package of spices. “Where’s the personality?” he wondered.Sillari and his partners at the Boston Burger Company imagined a different reality that spurred the August 2016 debut of BurgaBox, a meal-kit service sharing the indulgent burgers, fries, and mac ’n’ cheese dishes core to the Boston Burger Company brand.