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November 2018

Chef José Andrés Nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

After a devastating natural disaster, many people wonder where they are going to sleep, how they are going to rebuild, and where their next meal will come from. Over the past eight years, when people are displaced by wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, chef and restaurateur José Andrés has stepped in and provided thousands of meals for those in need.

Cracker Barrel Searches for the Right Balance

The rise in off-premises dining catalyzed sales across casual dining in 2018. But there was always a question of what stage 2 would look like when the first incremental surge subsided. Unlike many limited-service brands, sit-down restaurants face a far more disruptive model.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Delivery to Your Restaurant

In a world where consumers are increasingly turning to an on-demand lifestyle, restaurants are seeing a rise in demand for food delivery. Strategy firm Pentallect published a 2018 study that found the third-party delivery industry is slated to grow 13.

Firebirds' Secret to Being the Unchained Chain

One of the challenges of scaling a mid-sized restaurant chain is the notion that, well, you’re a chain. Beyond the power of recognition that crosses state lines, how do you compete with local, independent spots that appeal to the community-based diner? How do you unchain the chain, in other terms, and erase the sterile stereotype of corporate eateries?Perhaps the most compelling tool is local-store marketing, an approach that can ultimately determine if your restaurant chain is just another location in the community, or truly part of the community it serves.

Former Applebee’s Franchise Exec Named Uno CEO

After 11 years as CEO of Uno Restaurant LLC, Louie Psallidas has stepped down from his role. Psallidas made the announcement, “A farewell to my friends at Uno,” on his LinkedIn page on November 21.

How Food Bloggers Could Change Your Restaurant Business

Influencer marketing is constantly yielding businesses big revenue. Influencers build a bridge between brands and consumers, bringing the product closer to the audience. Especially in the food and beverage industry where the experiences matter and people want to hear from regular people just like them.

Bloomin’ Brands is Killing Discounting and Boosting Profitability

Bloomin’ Brands reinvigoration of Outback has, rightfully so, grabbed headlines in recent months. If you look back to the first quarter of fiscal 2017, the company shuttered 14 restaurants and followed by refranchising 54 corporate stores to longtime franchisee partners.

Famous Toastery's Rapid Rise to Better-Breakfast Stardom

When Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard opened the first Famous Toastery in Huntersville, North Carolina, in 2005, they had no idea they would be where they are today. The duo wanted to open a better-breakfast restaurant that excelled in excellent service and food.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is viewed by Americans as a special, even decadent, weekend ritual, so it’s no surprise that cocktails have become an integral component. Mimosas and bloody marys are synonymous with this lazy, breakfast-lunch repast, but mixologists are developing new and unusual takes on these classics while also creating new concoctions for brunch-goers.

The Crisis in Your Restaurant's Back-of-House

Harassment in the workplace is prevalent across the restaurant industry, but it’s not just the front-of-house staff like servers and bussers to worry about. It’s happening with back-of-house staff, too, but restaurants aren’t armed to handle and prevent harassment among this group of employees.

How Restaurants Can Attract Millennial Wedding Planners

Millennials are known for having discerning taste, and that rings true when it comes time to plan their weddings, too. After saying “yes!”, the first item crossed off the wedding planning list is typically choosing a venue.