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October 2018

Inside Cracker Barrel's Plan to Win Back Customers

You never want to hear the words “restaurant” and “recall” in the same sentence. All things considered, though, Cracker Barrel’s recent run-in with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was a mild one.

Why Shrubs are Dominating Cocktail Menus

Shrubs are sweet and tart vinegar-based syrups, also known as drinking vinegars, created with sugar, fruit or vegetables, spices, and herbs. These mixtures are increasingly popular in both cocktails and soft drinks.

The Best Way to Win on Game Day in Your Restaurant

Fans and students in college towns across the country can’t wait for Saturdays during football season. College students and fans flock to bars and restaurants to root for their team and have a good time, leaving restaurants with an opportunity to capitalize on the spike in customers.

How Food Packaging Can Help Curtail Food Waste

Food waste today is a serious environmental, social, and economic issue. While millions of people are struggling to find enough food to eat, tons of food is lost, wasted or thrown away at different stages of the supply chain.

What's America's Most Frequented Restaurant Chain?

Often when publicly traded brands report quarterly results, the performance is relative to their own success or troubles. Same-store sales, traffic—these indicators measure year-over-year progress or declines, and stack over fiscal calendars to paint a picture of a chain’s financial health.

The Essential Guide to Restaurant Marketing

Twenty years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine a marketing medium that could surpass television in terms of influence and reach; today, it’s impossible to imagine a marketing strategy that doesn’t include, or even center on, the myriad digital platforms that have become essential to everyday life.

A Food Safety Modernization Act Checklist for Restaurants

Most companies complain that it feels like walking in a fog to try to sort out FSMA rules, subsequent amendments, exceptions and Federal Register notices. Additionally, there is always some question about which category is right for each business.

How Outback Got Customers Talking Again

Outback has, mostly, taken its business off the discounting track. Across Bloomin’ Brands entire portfolio, which includes Carrabba’s, Bonefish, and Fleming’s, discounting dropped 19 percent in the second quarter.

Restaurant Industry Surges to Best Sales in 3 Years

Despite a continued lull in traffic, the restaurant industry put together its best quarter in three years, according to TDn2K’s latest Black Box report. Same-store sales grew 1.2 percent in the third quarter—the best since the Q3 2015.

Why High-Tech Payment Could Be a Game Changer

When nearly three-quarters of diners say technology improves their guest experience—per a 2017 study from POS provider Toast—restaurant brands and owners implement accordingly. And though payment technology isn’t the sexiest of upgrades, full-service concepts are keenly aware of how up-to-date payment tech can improve customer service, grow revenue, and steal a little share from fast-casual competitors.

Why Guests Aren't Coming Back to Your Restaurant

It’s the essential question facing all operators: What attracts customers to your restaurant, and what keeps them away for good? As we all know, there’s no golden-rule answer. And it’s becoming more complicated, not less, as convenience and generational shifts skyrocket once-dormant channels.

Restaurants Explore the Benefits of Crafting Their Own Beer

Beer is on the rise, and restaurants are taking note. Not only are chains like Uno Pizzeria & Grill betting big by boosting craft beer programs, but many establishments like Tribute Pizza in San Diego and Manresa in Los Gatos, California, are also collaborating with local breweries to create exclusive house beers.

USDA's Food Safety Tips for Hurricane Michael

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is issuing food safety recommendations for those who may be impacted by Hurricane Michael.The National Hurricane Center expects storm surge and hurricane force winds in portions of Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

GameWorks Launches Chef-Driven Food Concept

GameWorks, Inc. is bringing a new food-focused vision to life. The seven-unit entertainment-driven brand launched a chef-driven restaurant concept, The Works Kitchen at GameWorks, across all of its locations.