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October 2018

Restaurant Data 101: A Guide to Getting Started

Owning a restaurant comes with plenty of responsibilities. From managing staff, schedules, and customer experience, you’re always burning the candle at both ends. You’ve heard about the importance of collecting restaurant data but you might feel like you don’t have the time to dig into it.

Expanding Growler USA Elevates the Craft Concept

Growler USA, as the name suggests, has the beer part covered. Yet even in an industry as compelling as craft beer, you could argue the concept had it too covered. As in the suds-focused name soaked the rest of its features, including the basic fact Growler USA is a full-service restaurant.

Hotel Hospitality With the Pros

Hotel hospitality is unique in its challenges and opportunities. Planning menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night, and all-day room service is a tall order—no pun intended. These experts have got your back.

Erik Bruner-Yang Cements a Legacy with Brothers and Sisters

Erik Bruner-YangBrothers and Sisters | The Line HotelWashington, D.C.Opened December 2017Who made the first move? Sydell Group first approached me as far back as 2012 to gauge my interest. They had a guy that worked for them named Tanner Campbell; to me he was kind of their talent scout, and he was a big fan of Toki Underground and saw potential in me that I hadn’t even seen in myself.

James Beard Winner Andrea Reusing Dishes on The Durham

Andrea ReusingThe Durham | The Durham HotelDurham, North CarolinaOpened October 2015Who made the first move? My partner Craig Spitzer texted a photo of the building to me. It has always been one of my favorites in Durham, and I knew right away that I wanted to learn more about the project.

How Chris Cosentino Crushes it with Hotel Restaurants

Chris CosentinoAcacia House | Las AlcobasSt. Helena, CaliforniaOpened May 2017Jackrabbit | The Duniway HotelPortland, OregonOpened March 2017What was attractive about the idea of a hotel restaurant? In Portland, it was really about being a part of a beautiful hotel remodel.

Editor's Letter: Ordering Up Room Service

What makes a hotel dining experience next-level? I was curious what I’d find while researching this topic for this issue of FSR. While brainstorming, I was reminded of some favorite childhood stories of mine.

3 Types of Spice Trending this Season

Fragrant and warming, the seasonal spices of fall and winter easily spark memories, and chefs are constructing full-service menus to complement that nostalgia with novelty. Classic spices alongside surprising new elements not only enhance a dish’s complexity, but also give it the individuality customers seek.

5 Tips to Make Your Food More Instagram-Worthy

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and seen mouth-watering food that made you want to run out and order it for yourself? If you have, then you know exactly why restaurants are trying to take advantage of this trend.

7 Expert Ways for Restaurants to Cut Costs

Put bluntly, Pat Phelan recognizes the two paths to improved profitability: sell more or spend less.While Phelan, owner of The Jacobson, an upscale restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, knows capturing higher sales is an enduring battle, he remains uber-mindful of different ways he might trim costs without hampering the quality and service that have become his 6-year-old establishment’s hallmark.

Restaurants Find Reward in Short-Term Pop-Ups

For James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur Abe Conlon, a three-month pop-up restaurant in another city is a way to test a new market as well as the effects of his absence from his Chicago flagship.

Why it's a New Era for America's Classic Sports Bar

For many years, the array of sports bars across the country, including the largest chain Buffalo Wild Wings, mid-sized Miller Ale House, and smaller chains like Glory Days Grill and Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar, as well as independents, kept fans happy.