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September 2017

5 Benefits of LED Lighting

In restaurants, the lighting is often as important as the fixtures in which they’re placed. This applies particularly to LED lightbulbs, since they’re directly tied to monthly energy costs, which can impact your bottom-line.

What to Do About Those Insane Chicken Wing Prices

The rising cost of chicken wings has put so much pressure on Buffalo Wings & Rings that executives formed an in-house chicken task force to find ways to tackle the problem. “We meet every week to just go through and find out what we can do to alleviate some of the pressure,” says Tom Jenkins, director of franchise operations.

11 Steps to Creating a Food Safety Culture

Restaurants are often hectic, fast-paced places with lots of kitchen activity and chaos. In the midst of a busy shift, employees might take occasional “short cuts,” like not walking across the kitchen to use the designated hand-washing sink or using the same knife and board to chop peanuts and then prep a salad.